Urban Sketching: Kilmore Anglican Church

Hi! So sometime last week, before I got sick, I went and did some urban sketching in the town.  I drew the Kilmore Anglican parish!  It was a lot of fun and I got to wander around the town a bit.  It's a nice little town.

I spent today at home again.  I did some baking, chores and finished another drawing.  I baked some very fudgey brownies. I want to start a new drawing tonight too.  We shall see.  I may have left it too late. I am about to do some cooking too!  Rob was too tired to drive to the groceries and I didn't go earlier cos the stuff I want to get is on the heavy side....not normally a problem but I'm trying to avoid sweating while am still recovering.  Anyway, am cooking corn beef with rice!  Emergency food ration time.  All this while watching My Kitchen Rules.  Hehehehe!