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Huevember 2020, Skull Studies and life

  Hi, hi!!!  Well, things have been busy as always, am still going with my skull studies, not long now before I make it till the end of the month.  This would be the first art challenge I would have completed in a long, long while!  All drawn using my Proko skull as the model.  It really makes a difference having a reference in front of you. Hanzo tends to keep me company while I work too and I've been spicing up the skulls with the Schleich animal figures I own . One of my friends, Adele K . even bought one of the skulls from this series! Oh my gosh, I am so glad to be able to see friends and family again!  I've been catching up with people and shopping, buying books and art materials and a lot of food.  I've eaten waaaay too much on my last weekend trip to the city.  Like a lot.  That said, I have managed to go to the gym (which is more of a studio and I was the only one there with my personal trainer Justin Foo . Really happy to have some sense of normalcy right now. 

Huevember 2020 Art Challenge: Day 01-07 of Skull Studies

Hallo all!   How is everyone feeling?  Things have been tense with the USA elections and Covid.  There's some hope tomorrow, here in Victoria Australia...about easing more restrictions.  I am so looking forward to it. Anyhoo, what's been happening?  Well, I am currently doing the Huevember Art Challenge.  7 days in so far, I think that's the most I've done in an art challenge for aaaaages! So the theme I am using is this, since I have so many copic markers.  I think am missing just one marker here: And I am doing skull studies as my theme!  I got a skull from Proko...2 skulls actually and it's been awesome.  Here are posts 1-7 and some behind the scenes shots! It's been great being able to draw the skulls from life.  I would love to have a life size anatomically correct skull and even better, an entire skeleton.  That would just be amazing and super helpful when drawing.   I am still freelancing on a job while trying to do personal projects.  I have so many pers

Iktober 2020, a poor attempt

 Hi all!  How is everyone doing?  We're still in lockdown here in Melbourne.  There was suppose to be some announcements today to ease out more restrictions, but alas, it has been delayed.   Now, normally October is a big drawing month where artists draw in ink for Inktober.  Now due to some controversies with using the words "inktober" which is now copyright, that happened late last year/ earlier this year, a lot of artists explored various other themes like "plantober", "faunatober", "drawtober",  "goretober", just to name a few.  I was going for "skulltober" myself since I still feel like drawing skulls but due to a heavy freelance workload earlier this month, I had to start the drawing project really late and there's no way I will catch up now.  However, here are a few that I did manage to draw and paint this month.  I still hope to have a few more drawn up before the end of the month and I think I will spend Novem

Sketchbook Project: Maneki Neko (lucky cat) Collection

  Maneki Neko Collection from Marta Tesoro on Vimeo . Tada!  I finished my Maneki Neko sketchbook on Sept 11!  I am really please with the results and I managed to draw all my ceramic lucky cats!  I still have a few cloth ones, clothes and battery operated ones that haven't been drawn, but hey, I am hoping to create a book out of it so I can add those in as extras along with any new lucky cat I may buy! Here are some work in progress shots and pages! Myself and Hanzo drawing together These cats were gifted to me at different times but they're pretty much the same family! Hanzo trying to help. My favourite page from my book and I love that music box I bought from Hokkaido I really enjoyed drawing in the book and it was so good to do a themed project consistently.   I've had a lot of work stuff on my plate as soon as I finished drawing the Maneki Neko sketchbook.  My contract ended at Moshi officially on Sept 16 but ended up picking up a commercial project the next day wi

The Sketchbook Project, work in progress: My Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat ) Collection

  My sister bought me this sketchbook to participate in The Sketchbook Project for August.  Sadly, because of Covid, the book came 2 months after and we missed the deadline for it to be able to travel around.  Still, we can send it back to them late so it can be archived in the library.  It should be available digitally too. I have decided to record my Maneki Neko, also known and Lucky Cat and Beckoning Cat collection.  Here are a few pictures of finished spreads and work in progress.  I am mostly using prisma colour pencils and staedtler fine liners and uniball gel pens to draw. I love Lucky Cats.  I think they're cute for starters and I like what they symbolise.  I like the different meaning that each colour, object, which paw is raise, symbolises.  They make great subjects to draw too. I have so much in my collection and I have 19 pages left to draw on this sketchbook.  Am drawing back to back as well, I think it's going to look super cute once it's done! My own cat, Ha

Tattoo of Art Work

  Hi!  So last week I received an email from a guy in Mexico.  He was looking for a hummingbird image to tattoo on himself, his mom loves hummingbirds, and he came across my piece online and he's gotten it tattooed on his chest! I am pretty pleased that he did contact me, I would have been none the wiser otherwise.  I felt shocked, maybe a bit of "hey, copyright!"  but ultimately pretty darn flattered.  That's my art on someone's skin now. Permanently.  It also made me remember that I was working on a Mecha hummingbird series a couple of years ago and I really should do something about them. Like colour them digitally and sell online.   I really should approach tattoo parlours and see if I can sell my work to them.  That said, I don't have any tattoos myself, so I feel a bit like a fraud if I do that. What else has been happening..... I have so many projects I want to do and there just doesn't seem like enough time to do them all and I also want to do new

Seclusion Portrait during Covid 19

  Hi all! How has everyone been?   In case people didn't know, Melbourne Victoria Australia is currently in Stage 4 lockdown and has been since August 09.  It's not due to lift until Sept 13...probably.  It depends on the numbers. Stage 4 here means doing all shopping and exercise within a 5km radius, 8pm-5am curfew and no family or friends visiting or meeting up, unless they already live with you...oooh and all non-essential businesses were shut down.  My partner's workplace has been affected by that. You can read more about all the rules  here .  Am kinda paraphrasing at the moment and the rules can change at any given moment. I was asked to contribute a self-isolation portrait by The Lovepost , as an artist experiencing lockdown in Victoria.  Check out the article here and all the other awesome artists that contributed. I live in Regional Victoria, so we're only on Stage 3 restrictions....not that it makes much of a difference.  We just don't have the curfew and

Home Sweet Skull Home and other stuff

  Hi!  How have things been?  I've been fairly busy with work and updating my Redbubble Shop .  The mermaid above was one of my personal favorites for this year.  Combination of hand drawn and then edited in Photoshop.  I think it turned out pretty well! I am slowly, slowly updating my shop. I'll get there eventually. Things feel a bit tense and somewhat depressing since Melbourne is at Stage 4 restrictions.  It's a real bummer being in the State of Australia where the virus has gone out of control.  I miss seeing my family, friends and visiting cafes and restaurants.  I hate the current situation and am sure that am not the only one.  It could be worse of course but I would rather not think about that. Otherwise, myself, my partner and my cat are all doing well.

Mermay 2020: Thank you for the Meal

Thank You For the Meal Here is another Mermay piece that is now available on my Redbubble Shop !  I drew her all digitally.  I'll have to go back and do more work digitally soon. I also really need to get around posting all the drawings I've been working on in my shop.  I suppose that will be my main mission, along with levelling up my skills, once the current production ends.  It has been pretty busy and I've been doing freelance work as they come and working on my skull series. It has been good but I feel like there is just never enough time in the day.  I am looking forward to having a break later this year and actually studying all the courses I bought, while they were on sale.  In the meantime, I'll be working my tush off until then. Second week of lock down here in Melbourne.  Got to say, it's been quite the downer not being able to see anyone or go anywhere. I know that I am in a fairly lucky position that I don't have kids to home school, my partner and

Color Pencil Demon Girls

Hi everyone!  I had a very brief color pencil phase in early June before going back into drawing skulls.  It was a bit of fun!  A combination of traditional and digital techniques. So what has been happening...well, I had a lot of work on over the last couple of weeks, we're back in Lock down which sucks and I hate it and just drawing and exercising.  Trying to eat healthier, am actually losing weight in lock down which is awesome and keeping as busy as I can. I have bought quite a few online courses to do later this year and I am so looking forward to sinking my teeth into it. Taking a bit of a break and to level up later this year.  Will let you all know how that goes as I will be uploading my progress!

Mermay 2020: Not All There

I drew this for Mermay 2020 in May.  My most popular piece I would say.  This is all done digitally and is now available in my Redbubble shop !  It's available on clothes, office supplies and homeware. Things have been really busy since being in isolation.  I've been working on my own work as well as freelancing and working full-time.  Funny thing is, I've been getting more job offers in the last few days, which has been great.  Good to see the industry picking up again. As it is, I will be juggling 2 freelance jobs after hours.  One of them is a commercial and I am looking forward to it.  It's been a while and it will be good to do some creative animation.  I feel more excited when there is a lot of things on. I have promised myself a break and take the time to study all these digital/online course I've bought over the last year. I really need to level up some skills.  I am not getting any younger after all and I would like to best artist I could be before the end.

Galaxy Kitty Shroom Skull and chats

Galaxy Kitty Shroom Skull Hi! Hi!  I hope you've all been well!  I've started putting up my designs on my Redbubble Shop  .  It's been a while but am now hoping to upload at least once or twice a week.  Here are some of the products! I re-coloured one of my skulls digitally.  I am pretty pleased with how it turned out!  It's more vibrant and I managed to correct a few mistakes I made during the inking process.  I am looking forward to creating more products and buying a few of them for myself! It's a touch difficult though trying to keep up with all the social media accounts, constantly produce new work, edit stuff for my shop/s and work.  Some days, I just want to chill out.  I do consider myself very fortunate though to still be working.  Times really are tough at the moment for a lot of people since COVID-19. The restrictions in Victoria, Australia have been tightened again.  It's necessary since we have a spike but really frustrating at the same time too.  I

Skull Series thus far....

Hi everyone!  It has definitely been a while!  How is everything?  The restrictions for Covid has started easing in Victoria, Australia but a second wave might be coming our way.  We shall see. I've been working on my skull series.  I am not sure if the mermaids work but I'll put them here for now.  Am thinking of compiling all of these in a book later.  Would be nice to see them all together.  This is everything I have coloured at the moment! I enjoy using really bright colours in my work and I think it looks really good with the skull theme as something so dark and Gothic normally, looks celebratory.  A celebration of life, death and re-birth. I think I would like to do the 100 challenge and have a 100 skulls drawn before the end of the year. What else has been happening?  Am still working full-time, doing freelance and working on my own drawing projects.  I am really hoping to take a few weeks off some time in October.  We'll see what jobs are around!  Otherwise, I'v

Art Vs Artist April 2020

Hi!  These are some of my pieces during to month of April. There was a thing going around instagram which is the #artvsartist  hashtag and I decided to join in.  All skulls done with Copic Markers.  I love the Copics.  I love mushrooms and fungi and working with bright and occasionally unusual colour combinations. I am still not done with the series but put it on hold to do Mermay!  It's been a lot of fun working digitally and improving in that area.  We're still in isolation here in Victoria, Australia.  We're going to find out on Monday what our State Premiere wants to do.  I so hope it loosens up a bit so we can see people again.  I do miss seeing friends and family.  Fingers crossed. What's new...not much, still training with Justin via Zoom and I joined a new physical challenge come Monday.  More on that soon.

An update's been a while I know since I last wrote.  The world has gone to full self-isolation mode because of Covid-19.  I've pretty much been at home since March 23.  I've been working from home for my animation job and have been drawing skulls since mid-March.  Pic above is of the first 3 I drew up. I've been training from home with my PT via internet and drawing a lot. Tomorrow, we start Mermay, another drawing challenge.  I hope I get to finish it the challenge this time!  You draw a mermaid every day for a month.  Not sure if I will be able to do it but I will try! Not much else has been happening.  Been all right, been keeping a daily summary journal and it's really just work, drawing and training.  Occasionally catching up with friends via internet.  Been crazy not being able to just go out and have fun.  Am hoping the restrictions are lifted soon.

A new business venture coming soon....

Hi! Hi! It's been a while, I know!  As always, I've been busy.  I've been drawing quite a few things that I can't show until March and I've started making hand painted wooden pins on the side.  A few friends and I were thinking of selling stuff together at craft markets and such.  It's still not a sure thing but I've been enjoying creating wearable art.  It's all for sale, just send me an email at to discuss.  I'll make a shop eventually but I'm just casually selling them at the moment. Here are two that sold already! My friend Amanda was lovely enough to buy the second pin I made! Looks pretty cute, if I do say so myself! A designer at work was lovely enough to buy this green number from me. Here are some of my work in progress shots: And all the pins I made so far! I gotta thank my partner Rob though!  He's the one that cut the shape using a band saw and I did the sandi