First 3D character model, ALL TEXTURED UP!

Howdy!  Well I had a busy day at school today finishing up the textures for my model.  This is him!  All done up and textured, complete with bump and spec map.  So very happy!  Pretty pleased with how my first character has come out.  I didn't expect the texturing to take that long but it's worth it!  Going to rig and skin him next week so he can move!  Ooooh....I feel a bit of a headache coming on....


  1. ooooh, do i like?YES I DO. aweosme, mindblowing cool art!n freakish. i'm getting nervous about the fact that this guy will be able to move soon.. or, he might already be able to!*throwing a glance over her shoulder*

    i'm off to your main-page now. ooooh, thrilling!://DD


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