Raspberry Fish (WIP)

Work in progress Raspberry Fish.  Can you tell I don't have a lot of time on my hands lately?  Anyhoo, I really like how this is coming along but now that I've seen what it looks like next to the strawberry fish...I think it looks too similar and it's because of the colouring I think.  Green and red which is unavoidable as that's what the colour of the berries are.  I may need to add more orange and yellow to my raspberry fish just to get a few different tones and shades.  Perhaps some brown too.

School tomorrow....rigging and skinning the character.  I expect tomorrow to be a tough day.

On another note...preparing for exhibitions are expensive!  I just spent heaps of cash on frames and getting new prints done.  Sheesh!  I am also going to be selling the original watercolours of the berry fishies when I enter them into the small works exhibition in a gallery in Melbourne....so if anything catches your fancy, order now in case they get snapped up!


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