UV maps of model (WIP)

Soooo...after I unwrap my model I have something that looks like this on my UV map.  A UV map is essentially showing me the placement of my textures.  To unwrap a 3D object is to pretty much flatten it so I can generate some textures in photoshop.  The first map shows all my head elements...the head and the hat.  The second map shows all of my body pieces.  Looks like a confusing jogsaw puzzle huh?  That's what it pretty much is though!  A confusing jigsaw puzzle.  Now that my model is unwrapped, I can start generating the textures, most likely at school.  Am planning to use a combo of Flash and Photoshop.  Fingers crossed that it will all work!

Ps....I really, really need to practice drawing hands.  It's the bit am not happy with in my model....


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