Hello!  I saw two separate women in two separate locations in Melbourne yesterday with this exact hairstyle and with the big glasses covering most of the face...I decided to put balloons in my drawing just for fun though.  I  thought I'd ask if this was the new "in hairstyle" for women.  I think you need to have a certain head shape  and panache to pull it off.  I also tend to think that short hairstyles look good on tall, slender women.  Very fashionista.

I drew this at a cafe after the gym and watching fish at a pet shop.  I wanted to buy more guppies.  I really did.  No pencils for this one and I used copic pens to shade.

I took my family out to dinner yesterday, was great fun.  Celebrate me getting that contract.  Now to tighten up the belt again to save.  Must give money to taxes!  I also want to head off to Europe and Japan after the two years....and that will cost!


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