Supanova commission piece

photo of commission piece

photo of dude that bought commission piece

Hello, hello!  So I spent most of the day with Rob on the Mepxy table at Supanova.  It was great fun.  I was in a Batgirl costume drawing...for the most part.  Am hoping that there's a photo of me somewhere drawing with the costume on.  It was a rather busy day so I didn't get too many photos.

Anyway, this was my third commissioned piece for the day.  I just got asked to do them while I was drawing on the table which was a bit cool.  I did the piece with no pencils and using a reference pic.  I can't even remember what the character was called.  I was also asked to draw Alice in Wonderland as a birthday card and an Ar tic Wolf which was kinda cool.  Alas, did not remember to take photos of those.

I wont be in costume will be all about the drawing and using Mepxy markers!


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