Studio Moshi: first week

Work place!  My seat is where the water bottle is

The FX department.  Ben Grimshaw

Adele K. Thomas: design

Tim Merks: Animator

Christien Clegg: Animation Director

Kathryn Parker: Animator and keeping track of renders and network stuff

My Lucky Kitty

Howdy!!!  Well yesterday was the end of my first week at Studio Moshi.  Am going to be contracted there as a Senior Animator for a long while (end of 2014 by the looks of things).  The first week was great!  I am back working with friends, everyone is really nice, the studio is awesome and in need of some decorating but we will get to that soon.  Training in is honestly great to get back into it.  A very powerful and amazing compueter animation software and I am hankering to sink my teeth into some actual scenes!

I brought my lucky kitty again.  I've been bringing it with me to every studio since my mum gave it to me in 2009. 


  1. This looks like a nice & comfortable place to work in! :)

  2. Back together with some of the old crew. Would love to here more of what you're up to Marta. Cheers


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