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When it rains it monsoons

Hello Hello!

Gah! What a week it has been! I had an interview with Ettamogah last Wednesday (the 13th) which I thought went really, really well! But hey, who knows! A lot of ex-Dogstar animators applied for the job so who knows what's really going to happen. Getting the job would be great! But at the same time I already have Renmotion and Melbourne Uni to contend with come January so things are going to be very hectic for one whole month as it is....but alas, I am greedy and a workaholic and if I can take a job... I will!!!!!! Sigh....and I wonder why I dont have time to do anything but work. :) I am so addicted to it.

Next, I also had a very difficult lesson to do at Renmotion which I managed to complete last Friday. Very proud of that as I managed to get ahead of schedule and it looks very cool! Also had drinks that night with Mark Sheared ( a great freelance animator/illustrator) and theres news of a biggish project at an animation company next year which would be great!. I apparently, might be getting "the call" from them soon.

On Saturday, I completed a last minute job for Nine Lanterns with the help of David Blumenstein. We did the entire animation from scratch. The character set-ups, the backgrounds, everything. It was an amazing feat and I couldn't have done it without David B. Great animator. Anyway, Michael ( Nine Lanterns boss ) was very happy with it.

Come Sunday morning I was up for Eatpoo (and was since Friday) so I was about 48 hours late to put something up on the forum...which I did early Sunday morning. Not one of my best work but I like it all the same. I love doing stuff at Eatpoo as I draw subjects and think of concepts that I wouldn't have without the inspiration or a reference image. Check the eatpoo link out at:

Now it's Monday and I am back to work at Renmotion and meeting a new client for the first time. Sam (new client) has a very interesting project and it would be great to work on! But I'll wait till it goes through first.

In between all this, I managed to sneak in a little bit of animation time for the St. Hide AD which I am now feeling more comfortable with. I'll get it done and will have a few days breather in the process too!

In short, I had a very, very busy week. Busier than normal but it was fun and I got everything that needs top be done, done! So am happy! :)

The funny thing is that between all these jobs, I've gone out for dinners, drinks and had a BBQ and a birthday party to go to all in one week. So am proud of my effort. People who are workaholics also have and can have social lives! We just go crazy in the process....but not to worry! The work will still get done and get done well I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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How are things going?  Thought I would touch base.  My first week and a bit at work has been quite full on.  Lots of work to do for now.....will see how that goes.  Rob and I went to Sushi Jiro at the QV last weekend for some delicious sushi train.  We love sushi train.  I especially wanted to draw the scampi nigiri and the spicy salmon nigiri.

I also drew my fatty boombah kitty, Hanzo.  He is on a diet...but it's going to take time to lose weight, so he's still fat.  I need to lose weight too.  I really need to lessen my sugar and certainly exercise more. 

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Hello! Hello!  Some news!  I was on TV a few weeks back, April 07 to be precise, to represent Moshi with Christien Clegg and Dale Andreson for Space Chickens!  It was really good fun.  The hosts Lauren and Andy were super nice.  I was quite nervous, there wasn't a lot of warm up before filming and it was all very spontaneous.  We were advised to just run with any mistakes made. smile and just have a lot of energy!

Dale and I had a couple of draw offs while Christien refereed and described Space Chickens and  animation.  There were some really weird topics that we had to draw for the last segment, I had to draw a chicken doing taxes on the sun (with Andy) and a Pelican doing the lambada on a shooting star. We only had a minute each for each drawing.  It was crazy to say the least.  I did enjoy myself though.

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Howdy!  It's been a while since i posted anything up on the blog.  My bad. I've been super busy with one job after another and I WAS doing a few drawing challenges too before I got overrun with work.

For news, I finished up with one of my animation jobs last Monday, started work at one of my regular studios on Thursday and we're working on a cartoon movie for DVD, did drawing and freelance illustration in between those days and caught up with a friend, somebody was being a jack ass on the tram and I let them know it.   Rob and I also watched Logan, a great movie and I would totally recommend it.

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