IF: Midsummer Night


Here's is my entry to Illustration Friday's Midsummer Night topic.  I decided to go with Midsummer Night's Dream and enter a faerie.  Nothing like a good excuse to draw up a fairy!  Done with colour pencils and then brought into Photoshop.

I went on a 10km hike at the Dandenong ranges last Saturday and it was so much fun!  That said, sweat, cold weather and just recently recovered from the flu do not mix.  I am a bit sick again and am not happy about it.  I wanted to get a lot of work done for a couple of small jobs this week and next week before the pilot job starts up again.  Ah well.  Still managed to get some work done.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be much better...some sleep will do me some good.  I am going to bed soon after I put up this post.

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope it was awesome.  Or as good as a Monday could possibly be anyhow.