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 Howdy!  Can't really chat at the moment but here's a quick drawing!

Texture Logo tests

Howdy, today was all about work, work, work!  Worked on an animation and illustration gig.  I will probably still do a bit more tonight.  This is something I did for my Dads' Church.  It's a logo I designed with some texture tests.  I made five but I like these ones best. Tomorrow is all about school project and training.  If I get enough done, there may be socializing.  Though I doubt it.  My second 3D assessment is due end of Thursday this week and the more I get done before class on Wednesday, the better I will feel.

Quick Sketch

Another quick sketch today.  It was my day off but I decided to spend it catching up with an old friend and chilling out instead of staying indoors and drawing.  I kinda needed to spend most of the day away from the computer I think.  A busy day tomorrow doing work and illustrations and trying to pretty up and finish off my 3D assessment.  I just want it all sorted and's due end of Thursday, but the more ahead I am, the easier it will be to fix anything that goes wrong at the last minute.

Brain Melt

My brain is melting.  Did so much at school today and my brain feels like it's leaking out.  What's worse, something isn't working with the file I brought home...GAH!  All good,  it wont take long to re-do and I can do it correctly this time.  More or less I hope. I know I may have mentioned it before...but school and supporting oneself simultaneously and excelling in both departments is tough.
Tired Pudge!  So cute!  Well I think so anyway.  Done straight with a staedler fineliner and I slapped in a BG in photoshop. I finished texturing my model bathroom at 3D school.  I am a day behind where I would like to be though.  I need to really smash out the animation tomorrow, so hopefully there wont be any issues. I had a pretty good workout at the gym today too after school.  I am going to sleep well tonight and boy do I need it!

Deer in the Headlights

There are some days I wonder...what on earth have I gotten myself into.  Kinda like a deer in the headlights moment.  School, freelance, training and seeing is pretty amazing and absolutely freaky at the same time.  When it rains it pours but I thrive on pressure and I don't back down from things I've taken on.  The fun is about to escalate! I've had to cut back all sugar (aside from fruit and obviously stuff that's put in food) again.  Not ready for the cakes and's putting me a bit backwards in training.  Scary stuff what sugar can do.

The Lovers

Did another drawing in the same style as the character last night.  I saw this image in my head and decided to draw it.  Done with grey lead and Photoshop.    I know a lot of people who have just recently or are about to head overseas.  I wish them a safe and fun journey and a safe return. So much happening again today, friend, freelance, working out and a gathering.  Tomorrow, I am just going to stay home and finish my Maya scene.  No stopping until it's done!


Hello, hello!  This piece was inspired by my musician friend, Daniel Waghorn .  Check his site out! Well...a  lot of things has happened lately.  I discovered I have no will power against Milo and had to give that up.  I had a couple of jobs go through and now things get really interesting since a big assessment is coming up in 3D school, my juggling of time skills are well and truly going to be put to the test.  I rejoined an old gym franchise I used to go to so I can keep training with Justin and I will be moving the fish drawings I have at the studio to another cafe that where pretty happy with the look of my work.  I want to now show off my range at the studio by picking my favourite illustrations to decorate on the wall.  Am hoping to do that after the current 3D assessment if not sooner. Things have been really good.  Everyday feels like a big day though, so much needs to constantly get done that my sense of time is going out the window.  To me, the year feels like it's

Impressive Hair

Howdy all!  Well, spent today working out, working and catching up with friends that inspired this drawing.  Lots of talk about Afros for some reason!  It's a coincidence that I drew up another big hair themed drawing again.  Maybe am feeling the lack of volume in my own hair right at the moment.  This week is going to be pretty big and busy.  Looking forward to it! Drawing done with staedler fineliners, Copic Pens and Photoshop.


Howdy all!  My entry to Illustration Friday : "height".  I am a short girl and I am the shortest out of all my present friends.  I would say I am shorter than most of my past friends too.  I used to hate it and I wished I was like 5'6 when I was a teenager.  However as I grew older, I learned to accept and then actually enjoy being short.  Sometimes I still wish I was tall enough to reach the top shelf and see over crowds but...I have a lot of tall friends that give me a hand in that department. I did this with drawing with copic pens :)  I actually saw a girl today in a cafe with cotton candy pink hair and a vintage dress and she inspired this drawing today.  Her hair wasn't as curly nor as big as this drawing though.

HPV job

Howdy, here are some stills of a job am currently working on.  It's about educating kids on the HPV virus.  It's a bit of fun and the entire animation and design is being done in Flash. A long day today! So much to do!


Some things in life can be a bit puzzling every now and then.  My entry to this week's Illustration Friday : Puzzled.  Brush pen and photoshop. It has been a good but rather busy few days.  My modelling is pretty much done, though I still have texturing to do and a few bits and bobs here and there.  I start doing some basic animation tomorrow! Am currently waiting for feedback for some jobs and cultivating ideas for a comic am working on.  Lots of stuff...I think am going to have an early one tonight!

3D Steampunk bathroom (WIP)

Howdy!  Well, my 3D bathroom is coming together.  Most of the objects are modelled, am down to 3 more main objects to do then I'm going to do the decor which should be a bit of fun.  Afterwards, it's texture time! It's been a busy few days and it's getting progressively busier.  Bring it on, I say!

WIP comic

Howdy, so did I mention I was working on a whimsical/surreal comic that involves the fish bone and bunnies?  Well, now you know!  This is a page of it.  The plan is for the comic to be in A3 and am bringing out the big guns in terms of painting and whatnot. Of course am working on this in-between everything else.  Just in case I run out of things to do you know....we can't be having that.  3D school starts up again shortly and thankfully I have finished almost all my models!  Woo hoo!  Now to actually finish the last few....


Hello! Hello!  Finally, I get to draw something.  It's been a very hectic few days.  I spent the weekend at Supanova Melbourne, dressed up as the Green Lantern with my friend who was dressed up as Rogue.  I had a great time.  It was great to hang out, get photos taken, was cool!  I bought a furry animal hat at Supanova!  I love it!  I've always drawn characters with animal hats so it was very cool to find one in the real world. It's always enjoyable going to a comic con.  Seeing the artwork by independent artists has given me a few ideas on how to market my own work.  More on that later.  I don't just go to comic cons to play dress up and shop...I actually want to see what other artists are doing.  This is just a really fun way of doing it!

Sketch and Tulip

Howdy!  I promise I'll chat about Supanova in Melbourne tomorrow but tonight I just wanted to say I have my work up for sale at the "Sketch and Tulip".  If you live in Melbourne you should all check it out!  The address is 364 Victoria St, North Melbourne VIC 3051, Australia.   The Sketch and Tulip are very supportive of artists.  The people there are especially nice and I do enjoy their soy chai lattes.  Do drop by if you're in the North Melbourne area! A little tired tonight so will have a more extensive post on what's been happening tomorrow!

3D Steampunk pipe, tap and faucet (WIP)

Well, this post is late, I know.  I was at Melbourne Supanova all day today.  It was awesome!  I dressed up as the Green Lantern.  I'll post up a drawing I want to do about it tomorrow and talk a bit more about the experience then as I am spending another day there tomorrow. No drawing for me tonight am afraid.  My brain is fried.  Instead, let me show you all a few more objects I've modelled the last few days.  My egg pipe, taps and faucet.  These are currently untextured and modelled in low poly as required.  Try and find them from this previous concept art post . I also uploaded the rough orthogonal view sketches I made before modelling.  It does help to have it all drawn out before modelling that's for sure! I bought a furry animal hat at Supanova today!!!  I am soooooo pleased!  I may get another...we shall see...winter is coming you know!

Cat Cloud

My post for today with brush pens and Photoshop.  I have a friend over so can't really write anything much!  Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

Victorian Birdcage

This little idea came to my head today so I thought I'd draw it!  I think it turned out well.  I may do another one as well with more detail down the track.  The line work is all brush pen and I did a couple of tweaks and colour changes in Photoshop. Busy today!  Visited an animation studio, visited a cafe displaying my work which I will talk more about in another post and then just had one of my pieces displayed at my local cafe.  I'll probably bring more prints to display and sell there too and write about them as well!  I'll be doing some Maya modelling in a second.  I haven't done any since Sunday.  Gah!  I want it all modelled by next week...fingers crossed! Training with Justin was awesome today, I am caned though.  However I can see some major improvements with strength and form so it's making me really happy.  Looking for more animation or illustration work!  Drop me a line if you want a job done!


Ah, did this in Flash and Photoshop.  Was a bit of fun.  I am keen to find more animation and illustration work at the moment while 3D school isn't too hectic.   Hoping that am not out of the running because of school commitments. I like working.  I know this sounds strange but I actually do love doing different projects and meeting new people and creating new pieces in general.  I really wish I had more time in the day.

3D Steampunk bath tub (WIP)

   Hello, hello!  I hope everyone had an awesome Easter Break.  Check out my bath tub based on my sketches.  It's not textured or had any smoothening put on it but it's pretty much all there.  Though not that am looking at it, seems like I forgot to put in the drain.  Ah well!  Will do that in a a bit.   Part of my 3D game design for the second assessment which will now have all the objects modelled in 3D, textured and animated within the next few weeks.  Am just doing what I can on my Easter Break on top of working and catching up with people. Looks like there's progress anyway with the whole modelling thing!!!  Now I need to learn how to unwrap this thing so I can texture it properly.  Grrrr....this is going to take some guess work.....wish me luck!


I believe that people do need to be vocal to get what they want, express their needs, their feelings, thoughts and basically what is important to them.  Not in an everyday sense but definitely for things that are important.  I mean, people aren't mind readers.  Well, most of them aren't anyway.  I have a friend or two that can read me like a book but not everyone is like that.  If people don't say what they need, how will others know?  Of course...sometimes.. people wont always react well with what is said but I think that's a risk worth taking more often than not. Anyhoo, this was drawn up in Flash and then quite a bit of post and texturing done on Photoshop.  I love playing with colours and textures.  This is for Illustration Friday : vocal. My parents came by today.  It was really nice.  I now have an abundance of fruit and food!  Hurrah!  Alas, I need to tighten the budget a bit more for the next few months until I get more gigs and whatnot.  A bit difficult wi

Concept Art for School Game Project "Final Elements"

Here are MOST of the elements I need to model during my Easter break in Maya.  That's right, I left out quite a few objects.  Insanity I tell you!!!  I've already started on the bath tub on the last day of school before break and it actually turned out really well! Still lacking a lot of the decorative bits though.  Anyway, the goal is to get all the modelling done before school starts in 10 days, on top of freelance work and life in general of course.  The drawings above...where drawn and coloured in one day.  I was going full speed ahead on Wednesday just to get it all done by Thursday last week and the teacher really liked them and she liked my concept art document so that's one thing out of the way!  These aren't the only drawings I did either...I had to do a top, front, side view of each element as well...essentially I probably drew about 20 or so pages in one day.    The good news is, that's a part of my assessment all handed in, done and approved. Hurrah

Violet Eyes

Hey all!  Hope the Easter Weekend has been good thus far!  I did this drawing using brush pens and colouring in Photoshop.  It actually has a dotted texture on it, not to dissimilar to Roy Lichtenstein's work but alas, can't really see it in this image.   I am feeling a whole lot better after taking a breather yesterday.  Raring to go again.  I do get tired, like most people, but I know how to pick myself up and I am determined to get everything I set out to do, done. Sleeping for hours and hours is one of the nicest indulgences in life.  Food and hot showers follow closely behind it. Some errands to do and then it's work time!

Happy Easter Weekend!

Howdy all!  I kinda woke up with this idea in my head so I drew it!  I quite like it.  I don't normally use subdued palettes but this was rather nice!  It's inked with a blue pen and coloured in Photoshop. I needed a battery re-charge today.  Spent most of the day sleeping in and relaxing.  I am so tired.  I have a lot to do, during my break from school.  I have a couple of jobs that need doing and a lot of modelling in Maya needs to get done.  The earlier I get any of the following done, the easier my life will be down the track.  Really tired though, need more battery re-charging after seeing some friends tonight.  Need more sleeeeeeep!!!!! Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!  I'll be working for the most part I believe.  I have to get some stuff done by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.  Tsk.

Good News all Around

Howdy!  Well, it's been an intense and interesting last few days.  Squishface Studios was on TV a few days ago.  Please have a watch here: The Circle voice is so chirpy. I also got nominated for a Chronos award for my " Dangerous Penguins " piece.  Check out the Squishface News ! Been a bit busy the last few days with freelance and school.  I did so many drawings yesterday for my project in school as there is a concept art submission due today.  I thank the creative gods for the gift of speed every time am under the pump.  A big day at school and training today! Am looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow.


My entry to this week's Illustration Friday .  I get a lot of mail for previous tenants at my place and I used to always go to the post office with a whole pack of envelopes saying "Return to Sender".  I've been living at my current abode for the last 3 years and I'm still getting mail from the same companies for the previous tenants.  It would be nice to have some "return to sender" faeries do the job for me.

The storm is coming

Hello, hello!  Squishface Studios was on TV today and the funny thing is...I think none of the Squishface members managed to watch it.  I can't get the channel where I am, my TV set-up is all iffy at the moment.  That said, I believe it will be on the internet later, looking forward to watching it then.   Things are about to get busier than normal on my end and I am normally busy.   I managed to pick up another freelance gig on top of my current job and the next assessment for school will be a lot tougher to get through as it's about proper concepts, taken to modelling and texturing.   Juggling school and work, wooo hoo!  If it wasn't for the training and exercise, I would never get off my behind.  I want to stay fit on top of everything else.  Most people say drop the exercise so I can just keep working but I don't want to.  I don't think that would be beneficial at all.  Exercise is my break away from everything else and it is something I am committed to doing