3D Steampunk pipe, tap and faucet (WIP)

Well, this post is late, I know.  I was at Melbourne Supanova all day today.  It was awesome!  I dressed up as the Green Lantern.  I'll post up a drawing I want to do about it tomorrow and talk a bit more about the experience then as I am spending another day there tomorrow. No drawing for me tonight am afraid.  My brain is fried.  Instead, let me show you all a few more objects I've modelled the last few days.  My egg pipe, taps and faucet.  These are currently untextured and modelled in low poly as required.  Try and find them from this previous concept art post. I also uploaded the rough orthogonal view sketches I made before modelling.  It does help to have it all drawn out before modelling that's for sure!

I bought a furry animal hat at Supanova today!!!  I am soooooo pleased!  I may get another...we shall see...winter is coming you know!


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