Good News all Around

Howdy!  Well, it's been an intense and interesting last few days.  Squishface Studios was on TV a few days ago.  Please have a watch here: The Circle voice is so chirpy.

I also got nominated for a Chronos award for my "Dangerous Penguins" piece.  Check out the Squishface News!

Been a bit busy the last few days with freelance and school.  I did so many drawings yesterday for my project in school as there is a concept art submission due today.  I thank the creative gods for the gift of speed every time am under the pump.  A big day at school and training today!

Am looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow.


  1. i tried to watch the vidoeo it did not work. i’ll have to come back?
    you are such a star!!

  2. Oh YAY! That's so awesome! I couldn't see the video either. :( But still, that's so COOL! Congratulations. And congratulations on the nomination! That penguin is hysterical!


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