3D Steampunk bath tub (WIP)

 Hello, hello!  I hope everyone had an awesome Easter Break.  Check out my bath tub based on my sketches.  It's not textured or had any smoothening put on it but it's pretty much all there.  Though not that am looking at it, seems like I forgot to put in the drain.  Ah well!  Will do that in a a bit.   Part of my 3D game design for the second assessment which will now have all the objects modelled in 3D, textured and animated within the next few weeks.  Am just doing what I can on my Easter Break on top of working and catching up with people.

Looks like there's progress anyway with the whole modelling thing!!!  Now I need to learn how to unwrap this thing so I can texture it properly.  Grrrr....this is going to take some guess work.....wish me luck!


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