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Howdy, so did I mention I was working on a whimsical/surreal comic that involves the fish bone and bunnies?  Well, now you know!  This is a page of it.  The plan is for the comic to be in A3 and am bringing out the big guns in terms of painting and whatnot.

Of course am working on this in-between everything else.  Just in case I run out of things to do you know....we can't be having that.  3D school starts up again shortly and thankfully I have finished almost all my models!  Woo hoo!  Now to actually finish the last few....


  1. Goodness, like you don't have enough things to do! Oh wow, this is going to be awesome! Fishbones and bunnies. YAY!

    And your bathroom elements look so flippin fantastic!


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