Victorian Birdcage

This little idea came to my head today so I thought I'd draw it!  I think it turned out well.  I may do another one as well with more detail down the track.  The line work is all brush pen and I did a couple of tweaks and colour changes in Photoshop.

Busy today!  Visited an animation studio, visited a cafe displaying my work which I will talk more about in another post and then just had one of my pieces displayed at my local cafe.  I'll probably bring more prints to display and sell there too and write about them as well!  I'll be doing some Maya modelling in a second.  I haven't done any since Sunday.  Gah!  I want it all modelled by next week...fingers crossed!

Training with Justin was awesome today, I am caned though.  However I can see some major improvements with strength and form so it's making me really happy. 

Looking for more animation or illustration work!  Drop me a line if you want a job done!


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