Monster Face 13

Hello, hello....I was thinking that I do a lot of face drawings and that I may need to do more full-body ones and make up more backgrounds and stuff....but I've been finding the monster doodles really relaxing and I was thinking of doing a compilation of a fun quote book or fact book about the monsters am drawing.  A portrait zine of monsters and all drawn up in a notebook?  What would be fun if I can make 365 of them (like one for the year?)  Not straight of course...but when I reach 365, make that the last one?  Who knows, it's just a little thought I had.  I have so many projects that I need to get on with already though.  So many!  I want to finish my Fishbone comic by June, finishing off my Exhibitchin piece tonight, freelance work on top of normal for cosplays and a couple of competitions/obstacle courses next year, still designing stuff for an animation project...insanity!  Let's not mention joining more exhibitions, I want to make a Fishbone Calendar, maybe through red bubble, I want to update my Red Bubble page, my loop page, my goodness, i have so many things I want to do and I just have to prioritize who goes first and what can I do consistently.  Would anyone like to see me do Zodiac Fishbones?  I may start adding human characters with them.  Unsure yet.

Oh, started cooking and trying to cut back on eating out so much.  Should be good, save some pennies! 


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