Game 03 Round 01

Another one from the illustration pingpong game Astri and I are playing!  A rabbit had to show up at some point, of course!  Anyway, check out the latest stuff at Kookyrabbit.  It's a little slower this week since Astri and I are fully freelancing again.

Today was a massive working day for me.  So massive that I totally forgot that I had training at 11am this morning.  First time I have ever forgotten that I had training.  I was so work focused since yesterday that it totally slipped my mind.  I am making up for it next week and I think I will need to go to the gym and train myself after doing some work tomorrow morning.  This week, I have managed to finish another job, my exhibition piece that's due on Sunday and go through the first round of all my scenes for the current commercial I am working on.  Wheee!  Don't have a whole lot of work lined up next week so it may be time to sort out all my social media and promotional stuff!


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