Animal Study: Corgi

Hallo!  Here's a corgi that I drew from a pic on instagram by @ralphthecorgi.  I do enjoy drawing animals.

We went to Kyneton today for lunch and had a super big feed of burgers, shakes, beer and fries at Major Toms.  I had milkshakes and Rob had beer.  We tried the ultra death hot sauce.

This was a bit of a mistake.  It felt like the roof of my mouth burned and my tongue was on fire.  Truly horrendous.  I skulled TWOP milkshakes...a vanilla and strawberry.  The vanilla was better. Other than was awesome!  A good day.  I actually relaxed this weekend and drew things for fun.  Hurray!  Now to draw for work tomorrow and hopefully smash it.

Fingers Crossed!


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