Seahorse Fishbone

Illustration 155 in a row. Wheee!  I worked in the studio today...pretty much all day for the first time.  It started out miserably too because I forgot the power chord for my laptop (which weighs an effing ton) and then I ran around the surrounding shops trying to find one.  Then I decided to go home and pick it up and go back to the studio.  Grrrrr!  It will take some getting used to, working at a different place intsead of home.  I pretty much have been working from home for almost an entire year.  The longest I've been without studio contact.  It can drive you mental.

My shoulders and back hurt from carrying all my gear from pne place to another.  Either I will get very strong or I will start resembling the Hunchback from Notre Dame.  Only time will tell.


  1. Somehow your boney seahorse manages to be pretty & well as pokey...I love her (?)!
    Take care of that back of yours...after *two months*, mine is finally *starting* to feel somewhat normal again.
    Thanks for your comments concerning my mom...she was thrilled that you liked her work...she's doing better and better everyday too!
    I thought it wonderful that you tried to capture the blue from my blue post...God's colors are tricky to re-create aren't they?!
    xo J~

  2. oh i hope your back is getting better!

    i saw one cute little bunny ^__^


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