Illustration 160.  So close to reaching the 6 month goal which ends on Dec 31!  Debating on whether or not to still keep going.  It was scorching today!  Blah!!!  My skin has gone to poo cause of the heat, the humidity and being all sticky.  Yech.  Submitted some work today and the client was very pleased which in turn also makes me happy.  That said, I need to play catch up on another job next week and finish a couple of things off!  I need to re-charge this weekend so I think I will start that painting I have been meaning to do at the studio.


  1. Whether you continue or not with your amazing feat of creating daily works of fantastic art, you have *much* to be proud of...and we have *much* to be thankful for, as we were able to be a part of it all!
    Early congratulations for being just about there!
    xo J~

    PS. Wishing you and bunny a cool Christmas breeze....


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