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Hi I worked on the Divinyl's new music video not too long ago at Viskatoons as an animator within a team. Check it out:

The year is ending

Zactoons: Chavin It Zactoons: Bitter Barney wizzmedia: Alexandra Hi The year 2007 is soon coming to an end. It was a very good year in terms of work but I had to help some people so I didn't fulfill all the goals I wanted this year. The coming year will be me focusing on achieving my goals. The last few months were incredibly busy with jobs. I was working at Viskatoons doing the Divinyls clip, a Ted's commercial and Pixel Pinky (animated TV series to be shown on Channel 09 Australia at some point). I was also working for Zactoons, doing some Bitter Barney Animations and Chavin It. I also did 4 educational animations for Wizzmedia which involved a Bunny and I finished my last contract for the year last Friday before Christmas for Renmotion. It was a dance animation. I am currently working on my own stuff which is refreshing though I think I will be starting more work some time in January already. We shall see... I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and will have an a

Long time no writey!

Hi, hi! It's been a while since I last wrote, almost 2 months! My bad! Lots of things have been happening :) I finished up at Ettamogah in early August and had a few days break before starting work on animations for Shangri-La Hotels which was pretty good, that went for a little more than a week. Afterwards I had a break for another week and now I will soon be starting another job for Wizzmedia and possibly Nine Lanterns. We shall see. All freelance stuff so I get to work at home and continue going to the gym regularly which is great. About the gym, I've been going with Justin Foo, an animator I've worked with at Ettamogah(2007) and at Viskatoons (2005). He's been helping me out and training's been awesome...though rather painful at times and this new workout he's put me on destroys me more often than not....ayuh. Resluts have been quick though. I've also started re-drawing the character designs for Sugar and Lice as well. Production for tha

Gym Bunny

Hi! Long time no write. Things are pretty good. I've had some free time on my hands so I've been going to the gym regularly and doing Oil illustrations (like the one above) these last couple of weeks. My arms and legs feel like they're about to fall off but I am truly hooked going to the gym. I like being active and it clears my head and I can think of more things to draw. I can't believe I've suddenly turned into a Gym Bunny. I surprisingly don't really have an after-hours job at the moment. At least not these last couple of weeks. The Wizzmedia stuff is slow and not too sure about how the other "possible jobs" are going at the moment either. But it has been good not having to work after hours all the time too. I've been able to relax and do my own stuff which has been really pleasant. Still if I am offered a good job to do I will be more than happy to do it! I still love working. The only difference is that if I am not working on a job

Things are much better!

Hello! Things are much better now! Finished all the work for Areeba solutions, finished my current Wizzmedia stuff, settled some issues in my personal life and I have joined a gym. That's right, a gym :)! I want to get fit so am going to make a point to squeeze in at least 3 sessions a week. After work and weekends mostly. I'll be working on OIL tomorrow and may possibly go to the gym again which would be good. I want to draw some more illustration pieces too. For other news, my work on Red Bubble has been selling which is really a very pleasant surprise :) I've managed to sell quite a few cards which is great! Tashom III is the top image and the one below is Ping Pong 10 which you guys can all see on Red Bubble (click on the links section on the right hand side) Really happy that people like my work enough to buy them. It's given me a real buzz! Feeling happy happy!

weird headspace

Well..I made the illustration above based on one of Thomas' photos. Same with the one below. It can also be found on Red Bubble. Things have been very busy. Work at Areeba is winding down and I'm half-way through the first part of my work for Wizzmedia. Am glad that I am still being productive. Been feeling sad and lonely lately which is odd since I've been socializing and hanging out with people moreso than ever before. I wish for too many things and am feeling a little trapped and overwhelmed with some things.

What's on in Marta's life.

Hallo! Busy, busy weekend. Been doing a job for Areeba Solutions, animations for a Devondale Website game. I'll release the link and some images once the site has been launched! Above is my first personal work in a while. A bit more gothic than some of my other pieces. Inspired by one of my friend's modelling shoots. I posted it up on Red Bubble. Click the link on my links sections to see a bigger image of it as well as comments left by other Red Bubblers . I am about to start doing some work for Wizzmedia after-hours. Couldn't start today as the Flash files were in the wrong format. :) But tomorrow night, am hitting it hard! We're ahead of schedule at Ettam ogah which I am very happy about and so are the folks there I imagine! Am really happy working at Ettamogah , all my friends are there and we get to go out to dinner and we have fun hanging out after work! It's really all very pleasant. We all like to eat ! Thomas and I are still working on Oil

dear diary...

Hi! Things have skyrocketed with busy-ness. Doing a project for Areeba Solutions after hours, after working full-time at Ettamogah and will be doing animation work for Wizzmedia shortly as well. What exactly do I do in all my jobs? Animate mostly. I do set-ups as well. Sadly I haven't had much time for my own work as of late and the last illustration I did is the image shown above. Check out a bigger picture of her on RedBubble ( it's located on my Links section) I also finished off an animation for Melbourne Uni last week too. So much to do... but it's better than having nothing to do that's for sure! I'm also socializing a lot more now, funny that when am working with people who happen to be my friends. It's a wonderful thing. There also seems to be more work to do in the horizon and am always eager to see what else pops up and if I can fit it in. I'm obsessed I think. I like building up my folio, I enjoy meeting and working for new clients, I l

What's been Happening!

Hi! Well, tons of stuff has been happening! I have started at Ettamogah and doing a pretty good job I think! We're ahead of schedule so am rather happy. Thomas and I didn't win at the 15/15 but that's cool. To be nominated was pretty awesome. I turned 27 on Tuesday, May 29! Gah, I feel old but am happy that I dont look old! Oil will once again be going full steam ahead this weekend. I am rather excited about it! I have an obssession with filling up a cabinet with piggy banks filled with coins (I have 5 currently and 4 of those I am trying to fill). I have a vision of one day bringing all of them to the bank in canvas bags or possibly swim in the coins (think Scrooge McDuck) before taking them to the bank. I'll have them washed first ofcourse (the coins I mean). That way they are all clean and shiny!!!! I think I'm a little nuts...


Hello Hello! Spent the entire week doing some animations for Zactoons which was awesome! A real fun job to do! Dont think I can post any images up yet till they've been released, so I wont :) I start work at Ettamogah come Monday and that's a full-time gig for 3 months! Yay! I also have lots of work to do after-hours, both personal and paid. It's going to be hectic! Not much news yet to tell though. The 15/15 Film Festival Gala night is next Saturday, I turn 27 in a bit more than a week and just waiting to see what else pops up in the horizon. The collaboration Astri and I have been doing at Redbubble has temporarily come to a halt. too much work to do...but this is the last piece (above) so far in the collaboration. I made it!

Touching Base

Hi I am exhausted. Been working really hard all week with illustration and animation work. The clients seem happy so far so i am happy. This will be the first time this week since last Saturday that I will be going to bed before 1:00 AM. Wow... I start at Ettamogah again on May 21. I was suppose to start June 04 but they decided that they wanted me earlier. So that's pretty cool! Not much to tell at the moment aside from the fact that next week is my last week to work from home and after that I will be working full-time at Ettamogah till September or late August. They promised me cake if we get ahead in the animation department. Yay ! Oh, and that short film where I did one scene for the Animadness competition this year, that Bigkidz entered , got 3 RD place. Have to go shopping for a Mother's Day gift tomorrow after I get feedback from clients and do whatever fix-ups that need be...


Hello! That short animated fim that Thomas and I did for the 15/15 Film Festival (make a film in 15 hours which includes their quote and object) got nominated for Best Animation! Hurray!!!! Awesome stuff. Thomas found out sometime yesterday. Things have been good. Still working on that job for 9 Lanterns which will hopefully finish soon and possibilities of work for other people coming up in the horizon. Rather excited about it! Should be good. Thomas and I are joining another animation competition which should be fun and great if we win! So much stuff and opportunities to look forward to! Oh, Astri and I have also been doing that collaborated work on Red Bubble and we've been getting some really good responses to it. To see please go here: Hope everyone is well!

Red Bubble Exhibition!

Hello Hello! Here is Kookylane (aka Astri) and myself (alias FireRabbit) at the Red Bubble exhibition! My work and Kookylane's is part of an exhibition of 15 winners in Red Bubble's Digital image competition. Our work was shorlisted from 600 works to 30 where 3 judges culled it down to 15 winners! I had a great time! the punch was rather strong I must say! It was great meeting other Red Bubble folks too and putting names and faces to the aliases. I find Red Bubble really inspiring and addictive! I love checking out the works and leaving feedback (and receiving it!) and just keen to join more competitions of Red Bubble in the future! Incidentally, myself and Kookylane are planning to do a collaborative piece on Red Bubble. Should be loads of fun!

Am in!

Hello! Some biggish news, "Monophobia" (picture in my last blog) has been chosen as a finalist for the Red Bubble Digital Image competition! It will be displayed in the Collingwood Gallery. Opening night is at 7pm April 17. Have a look if you're about! Thomas and I are still waiting for results from the 15/15 Festival. We find out this Wednesday I think. Animadness is also apparently putting all films up on their site on that day too. Not much else to tell except that I am still working on jobs here and there which is good fun most of the times. Sometimes people's disorganization frustrates me as I can't work as quickly as I would like and I end up doing more work than I should because some folks just don't know what they want. Ah well, hazards of the job I guess. :)


Hello Hello! My new public reel is up! Yay! Have a look at my website to check it out! The image above is called "Monophobia" and has been shortlisted in a Digital image competition on Red Bubble. Pretty cool! Would be nice to make it as a finalist but we'll see. Stuff to do, stuff do to. Looks like I have a few prospective stuff coming up in the next few months, but we'll see what happens. Nothing is set just yet. Hoping that if all the prospects do come in fruition that they don't all happen at the same time. Again. Hope you are all well and if you did look at my site, thanks for looking!!!!!!

What's on for April!!!!!!

Hi All! Well my secret reel is now available! Ask the link from me if you're interested! Unfortunately because it contains footage I can't show to the general public so it's not on my website. Thomas is still cutting a new reel that can go on my website. Still working on the Avatars for IEMEDIA , am almost done! Yay ! I have to do game graphics for them but I do have time. I am also doing an introductory animation for Bananaland and I have a project to do for 9 Lanterns! Tons of stuff as most of this is due next week. I start at Renmotion on the 10 th of April and I have no idea how long that will go for, we'll see. Things are looking good. Just finished animating the 4 th episode for Oil and will be working on making the website shortly. Hopefully that turns out great! Thomas already gave the layout on what i have to do and Daniel is helping me program it or will be doing all the programming and giving me instructions on how keep it updated. Good fun. T

Illustration Section Up!!!!!!

Hi!!!!! I now have an Illustration Section on my website!!!! Yay!!!! Been meaning to do that for ages! Never have the time but hey, decided to pull in a couple of long nights after making Avatars, which has been going great and is looking snazzy!!!! Thanks for asking! Lots of other stuff to do though. Haven't touched OIL in ages, ever since I started doing Avatars. I still need to do a bit of Melbourne Uni as well and game graphics for IEMEDIA. Am still going to be putting stuff up on Red Bubble. I just want to make sure that I had an illustration section on my site too. Have a look at my website at some point! New showreel is coming soon too!!!!

Gallery Section Updated

Hello The picture above is what my illustration piece entitled "Float" looked like before I did some stuff to it in Photoshop. Click the link to Red Bubble to see what it looks like finished! I've also updated my website Gallery Section! Yay! I'll be uploading a new Showreel next week once Thomas finishes editing it! Very cool! Something new and snazzy to show is always a good thing. Still working away on the Avatar job, should have 40 different types of clothing and hair sometime tomorrow (20 boys, 20 girls) Not bad for 7 days of work! It's not as easy as I thought it would be, but it's enjoyable!

And the world keeps spinning.....

Hi! A lot has happened in a week. I didn't get the Vocam job, they called up and said it was very close and I came second. They decided to go with someone who has more experience with big corporate work and who knows how a database system more or less works. But they did say that they'll throw any freelance stuff my way if there is any to be done, so we'll see! I saw Iemedia last Wednesday and they gave me a freelance gig creating Avatars for a game. It's loads of fun but time consuming. Figuring out hairstyles and outfits does take time. Am going to be seeing them tomorrow and see what they think of the first batch of designs I sent them! I also went to Bigkidz last Friday! I animated my one scene for a film we'll be giving to Animadness, a competition we joined. A still picture of it is above. Hoping that all goes well and that we win something again. Thomas and I competed for the 15/15 Film Festival last Saturday. It was great and I think the animation

A quick update

More stuff...more stuff...more stuff...... Well, went to the interview at Vacom yesterday. I think I did well, mind you they told me that it was a "just getting to know you interview" and that I might get called to do a second one. Will see what happens, if I get it I get it. If not...then not. Anyhow...ieMEDIA called me this morning and said they wanted me to do a game for them! Seeing them tomorrow to see how it goes and how difficult it might be. 15/15 is this Saturday...pretty excited! Also starting animation on a scene or two this week for Animadness, competition that the Bigkidz folks are doing... Lots of stuff...lots of!!!!

Past and Present News for this date

Hi Everyone! A lot of things have been happening! I just finished working on a game called "Bananaland" a few days ago and a logo for "Lying Rodent". I've been working on the fourth episode of Oil (see picture above) and personal illustration work. It's been great! Thomas and I have joined the 15/15 festival, a film competition where we are given the object and the quote in the morning of that day and will need to finish the film in 15 hours, he and I will be competing in it this coming Saturday, 10th of March. I am also in an animation competition with the folks from Bigkidz. Our short film last year, "BOX" won us the best animation, amongst other awards accrued, and we're hoping to kick butt again this year. Check the link out at: Another thing, I have a job interview this coming Monday....a little nervous about it. It would be really great if I do get it! It's full-time and has pos

Current News in my World

Hi All! Long time no post. I managed to get a bit of freelance work here and there, illustrating stuff and tying up loose ends with older jobs since I last wrote. I'm currently trying to build up a new illustration portfolio so I can also market myself as an illustrator. I already get hired to do illustration work. I mean, I am an animator who draws up characters, props and bgs (short for backgrounds) so one still piece isn't difficult. However, a new illustration folio is needed. Am a little tired showing work I did 5-7 years ago and I am so much better now. I'm nearing the end of one illustration job and I got hired to do a very quick animation for a game called Banana Land. Will put the link up when the whole thing is finished and viewable. Money for rent and living expenses! Yay ! Funds to support me while I do my own stuff! Working on my own stuff tomorrow! Can't wait!

Break Time!!!!!

Hello Everyone! I now have spare time on my hands! Well, I have an illustration job which is rather interesting but it's all hush hush until the company releases the logo design that am doing for them however, I am not working in house at any studio at the moment so I have time to work on my own stuff. Am planning to do the following: work on Sugar and Lice and the Oil web animation series both with Thomas Pullar , learn Maya, create a brand new illustration folio, learn Dreamweaver and hopefully action scripting . A lot to do and am hoping to be able to fulfill all my goals. Am I still willing to do work for folks that require my services? Absolutely!

Working on Renmotion and other stuff

Hello Hello! Well I've just finished at Ettamogah just last Thursday. It's been great fun and it would be awesome to work with them again. I'm currently working on my last animation for Renmotion , to be finished by Feb 15. Hoping to work on my own stuff and find freelance work to do along the way. I've also done a few more Oil designs which I am eager to animate. Thomas and I are thinking of participating in the 15/15 festival this year and Bigkidz wants to see if we can win again this year at Animadness . Bigkidz team ( JC , Kelly, Anne-Marie, David, Michael and myself) did a 1 minute animation last year where we won several awards. Thomas directed our last short film entry to the 15/15 festival and we won Best Experimental and Best Editing for it. Not much else is going on. Decided to rest a bit for a few days before going all out for Renmotion work and visiting studios which I've either worked with or am affiliated with. I really enjoyed visiting Bi

touch base

Hi! Time flies by really quickly! The coming week is my last week at Ettamogah. It's been awesome fun! I'm currently working on Renmotion stuff, hoping to get it all done before Feb 15! Am looking forward to visiting all the animation studios I've worked at as soon as I have some free time! Does anyone owe the Gorillaz book? If you dont and you like art you should buy it! It's fantastic and very inspiring! I just wanted to do my own illustrations after reading it. The Gorillaz DVDs are great too! Not much to say at the moment! Hope everyone is well!

Good news all around!

Hello dear ones! Hope you are all well! Good news all around! First, my aunt approved of all illustrations last week so that was pretty awesome! She'll be posting my posters and there's a possibility that the current Mayor of Manila may see it! Next, the animation team am working with at Ettamogah are ahead of schedule! Almost unheard of in the animation industry, especially ones with such short turn- arounds ! But we are and we're all very happy about it. It would be great if the pilot was a success. There's a huge possibility it will be, but one never knows what will appeal to the general public . I've also finished all my Melbourne Uni illustrations ahead of schedule! Most have been approved already as well. Just got to wait and see what they think of the batch I sent last night and today. Now I can start on Renmotion work again this week! The deadline is on the 15 th of February and I should be able to complete two animations by then. I was considerin

Progress report

Hey All, Well, the St. Hide animation has been fully approved! Woo hoo!!!!!!! The illustrations above are still waiting for approval from my aunt. I had to revise a few things for the "Parking ticket rules" poster. She said that the character looked too sinister. I suspect because I made him red in the original, so I changed him a bit. I've also worked on Renmotion stuff today as well as Melbourne Uni and it's back to work at Ettamogah tomorrow! Yes, I am juggling a lot of things but having a ball doing it. Yes, I am still accepting work!


Hello folks! Well, spent my first week working at Ettamogah . The people are loads of fun and I've already worked with one of the animators (Justin Foo) at Mickey Duck when I worked on my first animation series (" Faireez ") in an animation production house. There is a lot of work involved. An intro sequence and a five minute episode is expected to be done by the end of January. I hope we get it done. There is only four of us working on it and we have to do everything from scratch. Am a little worried but each of us at the studio can only do our best. I've been watching an animation series which Thomas gave me for Christmas. It's called " Azumanga - Daioh and it's very cool! I find it very funny. Some of the characters are a little annoying but that's normally to be expected in an anime . There's normally a character that just annoys everyone in the animation including the viewers. Anyway, I finished all 26 episodes on Friday and Satu

So Begins 2007

Hello All, Hope everyone had a fantastic New Year! Behold my first personal illustration for the year! I had a very good time last night and I begin at Ettamogah tomorrow. Fun thing about freelancing is that I get to work with many companies and with each company I have to work with always feel like I am starting the first day of school....again. I wish everyone a fun, productive and fantastic 2007!