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New Years Eve: 6 month drawing everyday Complete!

Illustration 183 and that is 6 months completed!  Goal achieved.  Woo hoo!  Happy New Years to everyone for later!  I am going out and having fun tonight in vintage form.  Yup, I have a cherry dress and am not afraid to wear it.  Tee hee hee! Might be giving away what am going to be dressed like tonight, ah well. Year 2011 went by in a flash.  Here are some of the events that happened this year: I went to Europe instead of Japan and had a fantastic time, despite the bedbugs in Austria.  I managed to enter animations to loopdeloop every month this year without fail.  I met and developed bonds with new people and social groups as well as letting go of some people I used to call friends.   I got to experience Armageddon in full costume as well as the Zombie Shuffle...both events I have never gone to before.   I drew everyday for 6 months and achieved that goal and with that I developed new illustration styles, became pretty good at copic pens and my watercolour skills are getting

Corn Fish

Allo, allo!  Illustration 182 out of 183 to total 6 months of drawing everyday.  I had to double up today as when I decided to do the 6 month goal, it was July 04 and I didn't have an illustration on July 02 and I've made up with this!  Anyway, the idea came about when my friend David B. went to the Fruit and Veggie shop and he picked up a bunch of grapes and I said "Grape fish", in which he replied " I want a Corn Fish" I made one!  I also made a Steam Punk fish for my sister but alas it's an A3 sized piece and so it wont be going on the blog.  I got a fish request from my parents today so I'll be getting on to that too.  Good ideas as well.  I am serious about having an exhibition of these guys so the more fish I make, the more options I have later. New Years Eve tomorrow!  I am looking forward to it!  I intend to have fun.


Illustration 181 in a row.  It's been a while since I submitted anything to Illustration Friday .  I am going to try and make sure that I enter one every week next year.  One of my New Years resolution.  I was actually inspired to do this after watching an episode of Naruto and I saw a frog deliver a message by pulling a Japanese scroll out of his mouth.  I thought it was pretty cool.  Here I changed it to a message in a bottle.  I love the idea of putting a message in a bottle and see where it turns up.  I first saw the whole message in a bottle concept by watching "Rescuers" by Disney when I was a little girl.  Have people seen that movie? Anyhoo, today is gym day and am still deciding on whether or not to do weights or swim.

Black Swans

  Illustration 180.  Only 2 more to go before I hit the 6 month mark.  I saw a couple of black swans in a river yesterday while walking with my friend and thought it would be a bit of fun to draw.  Been doing work and trying to come up with more exhibition pieces for next year.  I do find that I need to keep pumping out the illustrations as I am going to school early next year and I can't imagine being able to do as much while am studying and hopefully working.  Definitely need to find more work to do for the next year which I can do in-between study and painting.  I am also going to be studying Maya while working on my current jobs as soon as I recover from the New Years party on Saturday.  I have so much to do!  Gah!  New Year is approaching and am looking forward to it!

Kitty Pillow

Illustration 179, only 3 more to go till 6 month goal is complete.  This is more like a Kitty Bed than a Kitty Pillow I realize but I rather like the title.  This one is influenced by the big fat white cat my sister has called Smoo.  He's so big, white and fluffy and I can't help but want to squeeze him like a stuff toy.  Anyway, if I was smaller, he would be such a nice thing to lie on.  If I actually wasn't allergic to cat fur.  Ah well. 

Rose fish

Illustration 178 all done with watercolours.  I did this at my parents place soon after completing the Orchid Fish.  It was a beautiful day in Melbourne today so just went out to enjoy the sun with some friends.  I gave one of them a shirt with my screen print design too.  I was very pleased that he liked it!

Orchid Fish

Illustration 177 done at my parents place over Christmas.  All done with watercolours.  Christmas this year was awesome.  I have so many new outfits and went out today for the Boxing Day sales and bought so many new shoes, coats and more dresses.  Essentially, I have decided not to buy any new clothes until I have worn everything in my wardrobe.  I have a lot of stuff I have had for years and have never worn.  It's time to change that.  I also need to tighten my belts as soon as the festivities are done.  Got drained quite a bit this month with the festivities and paying my very big bills.  Ugh.  I'm feeling a bit poor to be honest.  Must find more work once New Year is done.  Wish me luck! Hope everyone had a spectacular Christmas

Butter Cookies

Illustration 176...Merry Christmas everyone!!!  I've been enjoying mine and having lots of butter cookies and awesome food that my mom cooked.  It's been a great and relaxing Christmas.  Most of my presents are gorgeous dresses and pain supplies which I am incredibly pleased with.  Hopefully everyone else liked their presents from me.  The next year and the commitments I have placed upon myself has started to freak me out a bit.  School, work, studio, paintings...sounds insane.  I am a lil worried about not being able to handle it but I have already committed so am going to do what I always do when am scared...don't think too much, just go for it.


Illustration 175 is up early as it is Christmas Eve tomorrow and I may not have time to post.  Merry Christmas to all of you that celebrate it.  For those who don't, hope you have an awesome day too!!! A lil bit rushed but I think she's kinda cute anyway.

Red Robin

Illustration 174. Another piece purely done with watercolours.  Am really enjoying this painting again.  I also think I need to post another drawing in a few hours. Christmas time is upon us and things are rather busy!  Hope you all have an awesome and fabulous Christmas period!!!

Red and Blue Fighting Fish

Illustration 173 in a row.  I wanted to try and do the fish bone theme in pure watercolours.  No inking this time around.  I think it works rather well.  A different look.  Softer.  I think I will do a couple more watercolour pieces.  I am enjoying the medium.  I also really like the paper am using.  I'm going to do another piece using a different type of paper today.  I really am just in the mood to draw out in the city. So close to Christmas. Still a lot to prepare....

Butterfly fish

Illustration 172.  This fish is done a little differently to the others.  I coloured it with water colours this time on smooth Arhes paper.  I love it!  I haven't touched water colour paints in ages and it was a lot of fun getting back into it and the blending is a lot of fun.  The size is actually A5 too.  A lot smaller than the A4 pieces I've been posting here. I was at the studio most of today, then did Christmas shopping and met up with some friends.  Not looking forward to having to strap my belt tighter next year since I will be in school.  Bleh. More market shopping needs to happen next year...but at least I will eat healthier.  Here's hoping.

Happy Holidays!

Illustration 171.  The Holidays are upon us, Christmas and New Years!  I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping.  Hoping to do that tomorrow.  Am also very close to finishing off the 6 month goal of illustrating everyday!  Woo hoo!  I think I would really like to concentrate on working on my fish bone designs/illustrations and illustrate for the blog when I can.  I checked my schedule for school next year and it is full on.  Barely any breaks at all and I need to spend as much time as I can at the studio when am not studying, working and lets not forget gym.  Next year is where I really want to go uber fit and commit to a good diet for a change.  My diet is terrible....too much sweets and fried food.  I am up to a point with my working out that am no longer going to get any visible results if I keep eating junk. It's going to be a very busy year next year.  I want to freelance as much as I can on top of work.   Work on my fish bone illustrations so I can have an exhi

Tree Frog Swirly

Illustration 170.  So close to the 6 month goal.  Not long now at all! Spent most of today working on a new fish bone design and did a little bit of painting.  Want to get a start on a scene for the pilot gig tomorrow.  Hopefully get it done before Christmas.  That would be nice! I am currently moving like an old woman.  Had a workout with a friend a few days ago and I got caned.  My muscles are crying...and am back at the gym training on my own tomorrow!  Yup...slightly masochistic.  Just slightly.

Formal Cat

Illustration 169.  A quick drawing today...much to do and places to go!  My muscles hurt from yesterday...feeling pretty good though!


Illustration 168....had to be really fast today as am out of energy.  First of all, I made the this sketch (which is suppose to e me) too long limbed.  I am not a tall girl...not by a long shot, however this pretty much sums up me. I had an awesome (but difficult) training session today at the park with a friend and it was challenging.  I have almost forgotten how good it is to be challenged and supported by someone while exercising.  It makes the workout more difficult but I like it more.  I have been training on my own at the gym since March and I know I most certainly don't push myself as hard as I could.  Today proved that.  Exercise is a funny thing...I'm full of endorphins and feel great but at the same time my muscles are on fire.  I need sleep soon.  I hope am not so sore tomorrow. For other news, had a great time at the studio today.  Everyone was there and I had a productive day.   I haven't painted but did a couple of pen and ink A3 fish bone pieces with a tot

Bunny can't swim...

Illustration 167....I am not a strong swimmer....this is a drawing inspired by yesterday's gym endeavours.  I spent most of today finishing of another job for Christmas, house chores and things like shower and eating and doing a drawing for the day and I find that time is really escaping me.  I was hoping to be in the studio by now....grrrrr.....  painting today! 

Lady in Purple

 Illustration 166 in a row, sketched out while waiting for the train on the way home from my last screen printing class.  Boo hoo hoo!  I really enjoyed screen printing but I don't have the means to equip myself from scratch to continue, nor do I have the space.  That said, I will definitely get back into it in the future when I have both means and space.  I printed out a whole heap of shirts today and I hope people like them. I also went swimming today.  I am bad at swimming.  No stamina or technique for it, which makes me want to build it up!  A challenge!  Wheee!

Lady in Blue

Daily Illustration 165.  My endeavours for today.  I drew her up while waiting to meet a friend today.  So I am now officially enrolled at the AIE to learn 3D next year.  Wheeee!  Next year is going to be big. Finding more freelance work, studying and painting at the studio...I guess I wont be sleeping. I have also decided to ramp up my training at the gym and have taken up swimming.  I actually almost drowned when I was very young, I would say the water and I have never really been good friends but I would like to be a whole lot better at it.  It's great exercise too.

kitty balloon

  Illustration 164.  Hurray!  Still working on a tough shot for the pilot gig.  Hoping to finish it soon...gah!  It is being rather difficult.  I've also started painting again and it is both refreshing and tough.  I am rather rusty at it.  I am starting to feel I should have started on something smaller rather than a canvas that's practically my height. This drawing is a possibility for screen printing.  I was wondering if a dude would wear this if the design was on his shirt.  I thought it would be all right but am now starting to have my doubts.  Perhaps back to the drawing board.

Seeing Red

Illustration 163.  Not a great day.  A quick sketch since I need to do more work tonight.  Hoping to chill a bit for the Christmas week.  We shall see.  I came across a homeless man that was being rather abusive and rascist towards me.  It made me very, very angry.

Fantail Fishbone 02

Illustration 162.  Another design that I will be putting on the shirts.  It is the same breed as the last fish.  First time I've drawn the same type of fish twice.  I have an idea for screen printing that requires the same type of fish, that's all.  I really love screen printing, I have a knack for it.  However I need space and the equipment.  Alas, I neither have the space nor the money to start up a new hobby just like that.  A real shame.  This week is my last class. Makes me kinda sad.

beehive hair

Illustration 161 in a row.  Beehive hairdo!  A quick drawing for today. I have a 1950s party and a BBQ to go to today.  This Saturday is all about catching up with people and having a darn good time!


Illustration 160.  So close to reaching the 6 month goal which ends on Dec 31!  Debating on whether or not to still keep going.  It was scorching today!  Blah!!!  My skin has gone to poo cause of the heat, the humidity and being all sticky.  Yech.  Submitted some work today and the client was very pleased which in turn also makes me happy.  That said, I need to play catch up on another job next week and finish a couple of things off!  I need to re-charge this weekend so I think I will start that painting I have been meaning to do at the studio.

Fantail Fishbone

My drawing for the night. Illustration 159.  I actually used this as a print for screenprinting class today!  It was very hectic today.  Was doing work and I as I was about to leave I discovered that my kitchen was flooded by the faulty washing machine next door.  Luckily I was home and managed to save the carpet from getting too soaked and cleaning up the kitchen floor.  Was rather insane today.  Newspapers are on the floor now to hopefully soak up the remaining water in the carpet.  Feeling that am spread a bit too thinly. Haven't even had a chance to go to the gym this week.  Feeling a bit icky because of it.  Just want some of the jobs done so I can chill for a bit.

Lifedrawing at Bigkidz session 03! Fight Theme!

Hello, hello!  Well here are my drawings for the night.  Illustrations 158 (batched together)  Tonight was life drawing at Bigkidz where we all took turns posing for each other.  The theme tonight was "Fight" .  So we did poses related to that.  It was a lot of fun!  I especially liked Kelly's idea where she does one pose for 5 minutes and then she does a second pose for another 5 minutes...which is essentially her kicking herself on the head.  I need to do more life drawing.  I need more time in the day!


Illustration 157 in a row.  Well, I went to Sydney yesterday for a job and am now back.  The person who hired me wanted me to be involved in a focus group for this animation I will be working on shortly.  It was set in a school and the focus group consisted of 12 year olds.  My goodness, I can;t remeber the last time I set foot in a school that wasn't a university.  Was odd but at the same time eye-opening about what some kids do and do not know. I am trying different types of fish for my fishbone designs.  I do like where it is going!  Much to do before much to get done!

Ice Cream Mountain

Illustration 156 in a row.  Big ice cream (with a custard topping)  to go with the Kittys' big spoon.  A busy week is ahead of me.  Trying to work on several jobs at once and trying to find that routine of going into the studio.  The place is looking good.  It will be great when things are more set-up.  I don't have internet at the studio at the moment so communicating and sending files back and forth from the studio isn't possible yet.  Hoping to find the time to buy an internet stick.  That would be great!

Seahorse Fishbone

Illustration 155 in a row. Wheee!  I worked in the studio today...pretty much all day for the first time.  It started out miserably too because I forgot the power chord for my laptop (which weighs an effing ton) and then I ran around the surrounding shops trying to find one.  Then I decided to go home and pick it up and go back to the studio.  Grrrrr!  It will take some getting used to, working at a different place intsead of home.  I pretty much have been working from home for almost an entire year.  The longest I've been without studio contact.  It can drive you mental. My shoulders and back hurt from carrying all my gear from pne place to another.  Either I will get very strong or I will start resembling the Hunchback from Notre Dame.  Only time will tell.

My spoon is too big.

Illustration 154 in a row.  A friend reminded me of a quote from Don Hertzfeldts' film "Rejected" so I thought I'd draw it up today. Didn't do much real work today but that's going to change tomorrow.  I need to get a ton of work done for a Monday submission. Wheeee!  Am going to need some sleep tonight methinks!

Hummingbird swirls

Illustration 153.  Well, went to the studio to do some work today and it was great!  I will need to start having a bit more of a routine though.  Perhaps late next week.  I also prepped my canvas, ready for painting soon!  Did bits and pieces of work today.  Will need to do more in the next few days.  Was inspired to draw up a hummingbird after seeing @sawdustbear draw one. I follow her on Twitter.


Illustration 152.  I've had better days.  Today was a day where not much has gone right, things are being difficult and work didn't go that great and ...yeah...while typing this post I just smeared the keyboard with peanut butter.  Not happy.

Fat Cat

Illustration 151.  Another quick one today.  Just have too many things to do.  Been working on a shot all day and I've just got it to the point where I am happy on how it is animating.  I love fat cats.  I know that means they are unhealthy and due to keel over from the weight any time soon but I think they look so cute!!!!  So huggable and squeezable.  In fact...I like most fat furry things.  Like giant puff balls!


Illustration 150 in a row!  Wooo hoo!  Well, today was a day of re-charging and cleaning up the house (most of it) and a wee bit of socializing.  The job that was on pause has started up again so I have stuff to do tomorrow.  Yay!  I will most likely spend Thursday back in the studio, getting stuff ready for painting and fixing up the place a bit more.  Takes a while to set up a place when there is a lot of people involved.  I figured I might as well start stuff while everyone else is setting up. I have daifuku mochi on the brain.  I do love my Japanese sweets!

Air Balloon Rabbit

Illustration 149 in a row.  Today I had one job paused and another one about to end.  I spent most of the day watching Naruto after getting some work done.  It's so distracting and I love to watch it all during a downtime.  At the same time I feel guilty.  I have a myriad of projects to do and people to see, network, gym, so much stuff.  I am terrible at relaxing and just relaxing and I always feel a slight bit of panic when a job ends.  Feels like I need to "top it up".   Anyway, it is gym time and doing some illustration work tomorrow!  Right going to watch more of Naruto!

Truffle Day

Illustration 148 in a row.  Today was spent setting up the studio and realizing I didn't have enough mount boards and I need to get proper spray adhesives.  It seems the one I have is on the flimsy side...though it makes making mistakes more repairable.  Aftewards it was off to a friends' house where we made truffles and watched Game of Thrones!  So nice.  I rarely get to watch DVDs nowadays without working.  Anyway, back to making truffles, we made them but she and I were really tempted to just eat it out of the bowl!  Mmmmmmm..........

Kite Fish BW

 Illustration 147.  It was moving day yesterday at the new studio and it's looking spiffy.  Would especially like to thank my parents for helping out and for my mom reupholstering the ancient furniture.  It's starting to take shape and look like a studio now and am very happy with my space.  Thanks to Ben Hutcho too for helping out! The current fishie is in black and white cause am going to test this out at screenprinting class.  I will probably upload a colour version too once class is done!


Illustration 146 in a row.  It is moving day today to the studio and damn, I am tired!  It is also the wedding of my friends in Perth.  Congragulations to you guys! Sorry I couldn't be there. Anyway, much to do today.  Am hoping that everything goes well.


 Illustration 145 in a row.  I felt like doing a Jester/Harlequin today.  Drew it up really quickly with just pens and photoshopped it.  I have screen printing class today and am looking forward to it.  I've been having a lot of fun. This was last weeks wares... Behold my first screen printed shirt!  Tada!

Burnt Noodles

Illustration 144.  Soooooooo....when I first moved out, my place had the kitchen and the computers in the same I essentially developed the skills of cooking and working on the computer at the same time.  I now live in a new place and it is much bigger than my first.  Now the work room is in one end of the apartment and the kitchen is at the other end.  I still have the bad habit of leaving things boiling or in the oven.  In the old days, I would hear things and smell how things were cooking even though I had my back to it.  I now tend to forget about it instead.  Burnt noodles isn't my first disaster either.  I get so easily distracted by work or replying to emails.  I know I need to stay in the kitchen and wait for things to cook but.......bleh. Oh!  It worked out though, I ended up making delicious grilled soy chicken, mash potatoes and steamed broccoli.   I built my easel today....I had to improvise a bit....some of the screws didn't fit in I used a

IF: Vanity

Lucinda knew she was the prettiest kitty of them all.   Illustration 143 and my entry to Illustration Friday !  Felt like doing another swirly animal today.  Am feeling a lot more balanced out today which is great.  Got work done, saw a movie and chilled out with a friend and now am off to get more work done!  Whee!  Got to keep clients happy as a freelancer!   I also spent a good portion of today backing all my files from my desktop to an external hard drive.  Backing up is rather important for anyone that works on a computer.  It's a horrific feeling to have, losing files of works and not having any back up to it.  For all my computer dependent friends out there, hope you've backed up your files recently!