Burnt Noodles

Illustration 144.  Soooooooo....when I first moved out, my place had the kitchen and the computers in the same room..so I essentially developed the skills of cooking and working on the computer at the same time.  I now live in a new place and it is much bigger than my first.  Now the work room is in one end of the apartment and the kitchen is at the other end.  I still have the bad habit of leaving things boiling or in the oven.  In the old days, I would hear things and smell how things were cooking even though I had my back to it.  I now tend to forget about it instead.  Burnt noodles isn't my first disaster either.  I get so easily distracted by work or replying to emails.  I know I need to stay in the kitchen and wait for things to cook but.......bleh.

Oh!  It worked out though, I ended up making delicious grilled soy chicken, mash potatoes and steamed broccoli.  

I built my easel today....I had to improvise a bit....some of the screws didn't fit in right.....so I used a hammer.  The bright side is that it looks like the picture.  The bad part is..I better bring in some tape just for a little bit of reinforcement....


  1. Noodle bummer- such a sad face on the little guy.
    But good news about the easel, in spite of the tape ;)

  2. Haha, this is great-- I have this problem too... My studio's upstairs so I can't hear the oven timer, & so many times I've "just run up to grab something'" then got sucked into work &... oops! It's especially awful when you're starving, I vow to stay downstairs while I do my Thanksgiving stuff at least!!

  3. Awww! this bunny is so cute... and sad! I've never burnt noodles, but I've burnt cookies and brownies :(


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