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Illustration 127 and dang, I am exhausted!  Not just from drawing the fish either.  I have been doing work pretty much all day.  That said, I went to the Camberwell Markets in the morning before work with a friend and had an awesome time.  I love thrift markets!  Full of both trash and treasure and I am pleased with MOST of my purchases.  Alas, two of the dresses I bought will be difficult to wear.  The disadvantage of these type of markets is that there are no dressing rooms.  Luckily, they were cheap!

Now, this is my attempt of designing a candy cane fish.  I just started doing freelance work which are Christmas themed so the Christmas Holidays is definitely upon us!  I suspect, I will get last minute jobs demanding that everything be done by Christmas.  Always the way...better to be busy than have nothing to do though!  I am starting to stress out on how am going to move stuff to the studio.  I have a lot of stuff on and coordinating times with other people can be a bit aggravating.

Anyway, this is also my submission to Illustration Friday the theme being "Stripes".  I am really inspired to draw my fishies and I keep coming up with more ideas, themes and objects to incorporate in the design.  Really excited to do an exhibition!  Feel free to suggest themes too!


  1. Copic markers, love them! You've done a fantastic job with this fish. I do appreciate the green candy canes and the cute green bunny but man, that is one mean fish. Your lines and shading are really great.

    Have you ever done a dapper fish - something like tuxedo tails and a monocle? Or perhaps flea market fish, where he (or she) is made partly of old tools and other random flea market type items? :)

  2. Great concept with the candy cane and the sweet little rabbit softens the illustration a tad. Great work!

  3. LOVELY.!you drawing godBEAST you. x//O

  4. wow, scary fish...the bunny up there intrigues me :)

  5. Fab fab fab! I must agree, that IS one scary face. But come on, he's not such a meanie. Anyone with a bunny and candy has got to have a soft spot somewhere. Sweet stripes!

  6. This is awesome :) its soo different and a smart idea :D its a scary looking candy cane fish :D

  7. This is AWESOME. I love it...and I LOVE your use of color! (the little green bunny is so great, with his little striped tail). :)


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