Howdy!  This is illustration 128! Today was just so beautiful that I decided to spend a good few hours, after doing work this morning, outdoors at the local cafe.  They really want me to display something in there.  I am hoping to get around to printing and framing some works soon...or doing a big original canvas piece.   Thought I would draw a nicer fish as my parents and a few friends thought that yesterday's one was really quite scary.  So it's a Sunflower fish, something nice bright and happy....just like the weather today!  I also had heaps of work approved today for several jobs and I came up with a good idea for an animated condom loop!  Now to find the time to do it....

This week is all about work, gym and socializing as next week there's going to be a lot of moving into and fixing up at the the new studio!


  1. Oooh, glorious! This definitely brings up the happy factor. Lots of great motion in your fish. And yay for the approved work!

    Condom. Loop. Two words I never thought I'd see together. :)


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