Rabbit Flight

Hello, hello!  This here is my 132scnd illustration.  Very pleased!  Not long now before I reach the 6 month goal on December 31 of drawing everyday.

Today was a combination of work, working on my condom animation for this months loopdeloop and seeing friends and gym.  A full day and it's not over yet.  I had to do a real quick drawing today as I haven't finished cleaning up my animation yet.  Phew!  The days are just so busy and there aren't enough hours in them!

Anyhoo, last night was my frist screen printing class!  I love it!  I had so much fun and I want to set a space at home for that sort of thing now!  Would be so cool...though I have no idea how to set up the table.  They have some sort of canvas table at the studio am in to absorb the ink.  So cool!

Here are some of my very first prints!

Tonight is a bit bunny themed! I do like my bunnies.  Anyway, yesterday was on a think white cloth using a stencil and doileys.  The stuff above is my first stencil too!  A night of experimenting and learning.  I think I shall bring some old shirts next week and screen print on some of them!  That's going to be cool!  I still have to set the ink on my first print by ironing it.  I think I will use it as my table cloth!

A busy weekend full of work, personal work and seeing people!


  1. Oh WOW, those came out so great! I'd love a table cloth like that.

    Hehehe, love your airborne bunny, too. Is this how he gets down when the flying fishbone gets tired? :)


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