IF: Vanity

Lucinda knew she was the prettiest kitty of them all.

 Illustration 143 and my entry to Illustration Friday!  Felt like doing another swirly animal today.  Am feeling a lot more balanced out today which is great.  Got work done, saw a movie and chilled out with a friend and now am off to get more work done!  Whee!  Got to keep clients happy as a freelancer!  

I also spent a good portion of today backing all my files from my desktop to an external hard drive.  Backing up is rather important for anyone that works on a computer.  It's a horrific feeling to have, losing files of works and not having any back up to it.  For all my computer dependent friends out there, hope you've backed up your files recently!


  1. lovely yet again! :DD next time i visit my parents house i just might paint their white cat all swirly.! x3' n about the backup.. uhm. i'll be doing that. soon. like.. later. another day. (_ _)'

  2. haha, the kitty really knows that she's pretty ;-) like it!
    A friend of mine lost all her work and files without having a back up, I never forget her panic, that was an important lesson...

  3. Oh yes! That sure is a vain kitty! Bold, and to the point!! Love the swirlies :)

  4. This is great! I love the patterns and bold colors. (Good job and reminder on backing up!)

  5. hehe this is soo cool :) i love the patterns and the textures :D

  6. Lovely drawing. Wonder who her tattoo artist is?

  7. Particularly love the intricate patterns on the tail!

    You're preaching to the converted when it comes to back-ups - I once lost a whole month's worth of work when my laptop decided to catch fire.


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