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Squishface Opening Video

SQUISHFACE OPENING VIDEO Do check out our new video which shows stuff happening before and during the opening! Squishface Opening Video   edited and filmed by David Blumenstein .

Pink Punk

Another day, another dollar.  Hopefully it stays that way.  Several dollars more would be even better, in fact.  This is another quick sketch done straight with pen, no pencils and played around with in Photoshop.  I do find doing post on my iffy sketches and fixing, prettying it up, both therapeutic and relaxing.  So many things have happened this month that it doesn't feel like it's the start of the year anymore.  Feels more like we're in the middle of 2012 instead of just the start of it.  Does that make sense?  Guess my month has been really jam packed and I've been focused on achieving certain goals and milestones that the year feels longer than it really is. Always more to do though.  No rest for this bunny.  3D school starts in a week.  I am rather excited!


Run forward for your goals, run forward for your dreams...just run forwards. I've been doing a lot of exercise and have been trying out new things and experiences lately.  I do feel like life is moving forward and so many more new experiences and challenges are about to come my way.  I sometimes feel like I am struggling to keep up and that I get tired far too quickly but I want to make sure I keep on pushing.  Things wont change or move forward unless I put the hard yards into it.

Commissioned/Present Koi fish painting

Hello, hello.  This is an acrylic painting I made for my friend Mayu who is going away to Canberra.  It's a going away present that she requested and she paid for the materials.  She said she was happy with it.   I was quite pleased with how it turned out.  She picked it up two days before the opening and I just haven't had a chance to post the picture up.  This is the first acrylic painting I completed since 2009. Woo hoo! Check it out...I can paint a whole fish without the fish bones showing! A scorcher today in Melbourne.  I need to do some work after some chores.

Squishface Opening Personal Review

Our Studio Shop Front, right before the opening Mine and Ben Hutchings ' selling space Work I was selling and displaying.  I had 3 original watercolour pieces framed, some prints, my business cards, a sktechbook and my first zine.  The Rose Fish (framed picture on the right) SOLD!  I was very very pleased. My wall, displaying and selling the limited prints (1 out of 20 and 30s) The pink one right in the centre with the green tipped fins also sold.  My very first print sell! An open page of my zine. My very first zine!  Wheeee!  Lots of people seemed to like it and buy it too!  Thank you everyone! David Blumenstein , Sarah Howell and Sacha Bryning 's selling space Me and my mum by the buffet table and Sarah Howell by the sink.  Arran Mckenna 's selling spot is right behind Sarah. Very first stranger/dude that just came in and started eating the food, before the crowds.  Didn't take long for the crowds to come! The folks arriving ou

Lantern Fish

I wont really have time to draw today as it's the launch !  Woo hoo! This is one of the pieces I put up on sale today.  I don't really expect anyone to buy or anything, just hoping for a fun, good day and that everyone enjoys themselves.  Looking forward to it!

Stretchy Kitty

A very stretchy kitty indeed.  A rushed drawing for tonight and a quick post, just incase I don't get a chance later.  I just finished baking mountains of chocolate chip cookies for the launch.  I am knackered but at the same time, it is too hot to sleep.  Gah!  My sleeping patterns have been terrible since the weather warmed up. Anyhoo...much anticipation and excitement is coming up with the launch and then am starting 3D school shortly after that.  Phew!  2012...a year of big changes I think.

Title page

Hello all!  Well, I can't produce a new drawing right now.  I produced 10 new fish bone drawings since last Friday night and compiled it all into my first picture zine today.  It was a bit of a rigmaroll but with Ben Hutcho's help I managed to produce my first zine thing.  I think I might have stuffed up the stapling though.  Not centred or seamless.  Oops.  I will know better for next time. Now I am off to bake cookies for the launch.  I may be baking for a long time tonight.  Oh dear.

Video footage for Squishface!

Sorry!  Can't post any of the drawings today as it's going to be released in my very first picture zine thingymajig this Thursday.  Fingers crossed at any rate.  Instead, check out this video shot at Squishface Studio ! This happened last Friday.


This is for Illustration Friday, the theme being "Twirl".  Wheee!!! A busy day today, I finally have back-up copies of all my A3 fish bone pieces and I still need to select my best work for printing tomorrow, among other things.  I'm going to be running around doing errands for most of the day tomorrow and I am hoping to get it all done.  Still, all has been good.  A little panicked...but good.

Gun Fish

Sooooo....this is one of the drawings I created today.  I am going to be making a small picture zine/book using the fish bone theme, steam punk style that I am trying to finish before the Squishface Studi o opening. However...I don't think this fish will make the doesn't really go with the other fish.  This guy is packing some major heat!!  Very unlike the other fish and  I also made an error in the drawing.  Machinery is not a strong suit of mine.  I am better at drawing organic things like plants and fur but I wanted to challenge and pressure myself into practicing doing machine type drawings, hence the Black and White steam punk fish bone series~! I actually pumped out quite a few today so I am rather pleased.  I need to do a few more though!!!  Ah!!!  I need to do a print run and A3 scans by Monday and then set-up the zine on Tuesday and hope I get it all finished.  I also have to bake for the launch and do an emergency illustration gig that's due next Fri


Another drawing of straight pens, no pencil and some Photoshop love.  I am currently enjoying testing out textures and layer properties.  It's good fun. Yesterday was a very productive day.  I finished animating on the pilot job which makes me happy and also wondering if I should find other work, in case this contract am waiting for doesn't go through.  I also finished my first acrylic painting since 2009.  Yup, it's been a while since I actually painted with acrylics.  I also managed to draw 2 miniature Black and White fish bone drawings which am planning to put out as a picture book.   A self-published and made one....which I am trying to do for the opening but will most likely go to the zine fair instead.  I am a machine......which unfortunately gets tired.  Like batteries really felt rather flat. I mentioned that I've been keeping a food diary.  It really is amazing on how much easier it is to keep track of what I eat and it also prevents me from eat


Today has been a good day thus far.  I got another shot approved and I believe it's my last one for the pilot gig.  Woo hoo!  Fix-up stage will happen later.  I am also close to finishing off an illustration gig too...perhaps I may get some downtime before school starts after all!  We shall see.  Knowing me...I tend to panic if there's no job in the horizon and may very well start hunting for freelance work before long. Today is all about painting at the studio and hoping to get that commissioned piece for my friend done so I can start on my first picture book type thing for a zine fair.  It will involve the fishbone series am working on.

2012 Goals

Now, am not a big fan of making New Years resolutions and all that jazz.  To be honest, I can't remember the last time I made any.  I always went with the approach of just doing what I need to do as soon as possible (mostly jobs) and doing what I want to do when I can (my personal projects) and whatever else...I'll just wing it.  However, this time I would like to do things differently.  Perhaps am inspired by all the upheavals and changes of 2011 and also because I accomplished a few goals I actually set my mind to: drawing everyday, loop animation every month and finally doing a screenprinting course and biting the bullet and applying to learn 3D animation and 2012 seems to be the year of changes and jumping into the deep end. So goals: 1) Do the best I can at 3D school.  It's been a decade since I studied 2D animation and here I am learning another animation form...I'll be damned if I end up slacking off or any of that nonsense.  Am too old to act like a juveni


Preparing for baking.  Always need to have all the ingredients and materials ready before starting. Who knows what she's going to make?  My bet is brownies. My entry to Illustration Friday . Having a studio opening next week and I'll be baking for it.  Brownies and chocolate chip cookies are in the menu for mass production, so am going to be looking a lot like this little girl next week.  Probably more panicked and messier though. It was so hot today that I literally felt like I was being cooked in the sun. I retreated into Squishface Studio  to hide from the heat. The studio is so nice and cool and am happy about that but it's going to freeze in winter!  Heaters need to be invested for that place, that's for sure.  I would like to keep my fingers and toes.  I like them and I need them. I haven't had much time to do any  detailed drawings.  The last 6 posts are all done without pencil and straight with a fineliner and brought into Photoshop for some loving po


I am bemoaning on just how unfit I am.  Seriously....I was hoping to be a lot tougher but am not.  Oh well, this is the reason why I asked a friend to help me train.  Sheesh....I totally enjoyed it though.  Don't get me wrong, nice to get adrenalin going, heart pumping and an endorphin hit and it is good to get an idea on how much more I have to do to reach my fitness goals and what's more, it's great to have company and a watchful eye.  Let's face it, many of us don't physically train (unless we're trying out for a major sporting event) to our absolute limits.  The mind starts screaming, "STOP, I FEEL PAIN AND AN UNCOMFORTABLE BURNING SENSATION" long before the body is actually ready to give up.  In short, I have some physical goals and I want to achieve them, so am gonna suck it up. No pain, no gain. I am also moaning about not having enough time to do everything this month.  Yes, it's been the recurring theme lately.  I like to think of mysel

Fun in the Sun

Today was awesome.  I made today my designated day off from work and I went to a BBQ with some friends and they made BBQ Paella.  Yup, they cooked the paella on the BBQ and it was awesome!  Got quite a few hours in the sun and walked along the beach, it was really lovely. Tomorrow is another busy day though.  I have a tough shot to work on, I have a scheduled workout and then more work to do afterwards.  It's going to be a long day.

Paperboat Traveller

Busy, busy day today but a lot got done.  Finally finished one section for a job which am pleased with and did some more work on that painting.  It's getting there and am a bit happier with it.  I haven't done a new A3 fish bone piece for ages and I really need to find time to do some printouts and scanning.  Will cost me quite a bit though.  Boo.  I'll need to do select prints until am more liquid or just sell the originals.  I also haven't gone to the gym this week.  I may pay for that come Monday. You know, for an artists I've never done a paper boat properly or a paper aeroplane or anything origami actually.  I don't think paper folding is one of my skills. 

Aeroplane Girl

Hello, hello. Ever pretended you were an airplane as a kid?  That's what inspired this drawing anyway. Also, am feeling pretty good having had done a lot of work today. I need to earn more savings is looking rather depleted after paying all those bills and whatnot last year.   I expect I will be on the poor side while I am studying since my working hours and my finding work hours is about to get cut.  Tsk. Tsk.  I always think on how much further ahead I would have liked to have been in life.  So many delays and spanners being thrown in the works tend to affect that.  Ah well.  Just got to keep up the pace and soar away from the people or things that bring me down.

Pudgy Popsicle

Ah....had to do a quick one tonight.  I have been busy all day. There's still so much to get done too.  I have to do a bit of work tonight, my schedule is really erratic at the moment.  Spent some time at the studio on a commissioned painting.  My first commission since I became an animator.  Painting takes hoping to knock out a big chunk of it on Sunday or Saturday night...


I did this quick doodle at the studio today.....I felt like drawing something cute and pudgy but also looking a bit tired and down.  I am really starting to feel the pressure of getting everything done.  Less than a month now when things start to go really crazy....I expect to not sleep at all when school starts.  I am also currently struggling with a big painting that I am doing for my friend who is moving away.  It's just not flowing as well as I would like.  I am using acrylics for it and perhaps am just not as used to the medium since I've been using watercolours constantly.  I also managed to have dinner with an old friend tonight.  Always lovely catching up and keeping up to date.


The naughty little bunny wants to take off elsewhere but mummy bunny isn't having any of that.   My entry for Illustration Friday : "Grounded".  The picture shows both meanings which I rather like. I had this idea a few days ago but just had no time to paint it.  I did this one today after doing some work at home and after some downtime I need to finish more work.  I am pretty pleased with how this one turned out.  Painting with watercolours is a great way to relax. I am trying to finish everything before school but I don't think it's going to be possible.  That said, I am going to finish as much as I can and make the deadlines.   I need to study too before school much to much to do... Been thinking a lot about what has happened last year and how I can make this year better financially, physically and mentally.  Okay...after a breather...back to work!

Inked Cat

A real quickie today and not even the one I was planning to draw.  I saw a friend in the morning and it was lovely to catch up.  I was working till about 2am last night after I got home from badminton and dinner.   I love being a freelancer since I have flexibility but it does come with a price.  Never being sure what's around the corner; jobs showing up, jobs dropping out, delays in payment, deadlines coming all at once, all jobs drying up at once....I do love freelancing though.  I miss studio environments which is why I joined my friends when they formed the comic studio.  I also want a back-up in the freelance world that is still in the animator profession, which is why am going back to school to learn 3D.  Wheeee!  Fun all around. Spent most of today animating a shot for the pilot gig.  Almost to do a bit more tomorrow and will hopefully get it done tomorrow night.  I didn't get a chance to study Maya today.  Grrrr.... I think I need to dedicate a couple of


Hello, hello.  I did this doodle while I was at the studio today.  A bit of fun, I haven't done anything Anime-ish in style for a while.  "Murasaki" actually means purple in Japanese.  I wanted to post something that was on the subdued side. I was at the studio till quite late last night with a whole lot of other artists.  It was great fun.  I finished another A3 fish and a bit of work. Not much else to report at the moment.  A lil' freaked out on how quickly the days are just passing by.  I also think a lot about the past and the people in it when am alone, which is not often these days ever since I joined a studio.  I am really happy about that.  Soon, school will start on top of that.  I am going to make it a point to go through some Maya tutorials tomorrow night.  Needs to be done!  I refuse to be shown up too much by people who are a decade or so younger than me!  Least I can do is know how the program works...more or less.

Blue Owl

I know that the drawing everyday challenge is over but I still like posting everyday.  I'm rather used to it I guess.  The question is will I be able to continue once school starts?  It's a tough one, isn't it?  A part of me thinks I will and it will probably involve a lot of ranting and showing of progress.  Another parts says I will be so snowed under that I will need to drop something in my hectic schedule.  I am currently trying to finish off my current freelance gigs, been painting like a madwoman at the studio and socializing with friends and trying my best to keep fit.  I still need to find time to study Maya on my own before school.  Perhaps this can hope. This was done quickly with watercolours.  I like owls.  Perhaps I should make an Owl fish.

More fishies at the studio

  I did this about a month ago but just havent posted it.  They're also A3 pieces which I did at the Squishface Studio.  I am thinking of trying to sell these (the originals...maybe) at the local cafe.  I need to hunt some frames soon...and possibly an A3 scanner so I can have back-ups of most of my works!

IF:Highlight (also Puffy Fish)

Illustration friday's entry for "highlight".  The fishy has highlights and it was one of the highlights of 2011 when I came up with the concept, randomly.  Now I keep making new and interesting breeds. Today was a very busy day with work and socializing while working.  Worked at the studio today on an animation scene and then did more freelance at "crafternoon" with friends and I also managed to find time to paint this lil guy!  I better sort out that exhibition thing this year....

Tired already

 Howdy boys and girls!  Well, I drew this one up a few days ago but it more or less rings true for today...I am feeling a bit exhausted and the year has barely begun.  I have started full swing with work now and I need to get everything done before the end of the month when it's all due.  Wheeee!  Then school begins in feb.  Double wheee! I went to the gym today too and it was too packed to do weights so I started running instead and got a massive headache in the process. Not too sure what's going on there.  I spent most of today in front of the computer getting an action shot done.  Time to do clean up on it now and hopefully get it done by Friday morning.

Fishies at the Studio

 Steam Punk Fish  Goblin Shark Cello inked Goblin Shark Cello water coloured Some photographs of the fish bone pieces I painted at the studio.  It was so hot yesterday and I spent most of the painting the Goblin Shark.  I've been having a lot of fun with watercolours and the blending is a lot more fun than the copic pens.  Check out Squishface Studios where I've been painting!


Ever been caught without your pants?  I haven't but I imagine it would be a tad bit embarrassing. The heat is god-awful in Melbourne at the moment.  Retreated to the studio today to do some painting and actually finished doing a Goblin Shark Cello, requested by my Dad.  I didn't have my camera today so no photos yet am afraid.  I have to stay home and brave the heat and do work tomorrow.  Hoping my computer can handle it without crashing.  Mmmmm..wont be as bad tomorrow as it was today though, looking forward to the cool change on Wednesday.

Gerbil Balloons

First post for the year!  Yah!!! Oh my goodness, it is soooooo freaking hot.  So hot that I spent most of the day hiding in a shopping centre with some friends.  I drew this in a food court. So, I had an awesome time yesterday with friends at Red Bennies.  One of the most fun New Years I've had in a while.  So awesome and I can't think of a better way to start 2012.  Here to better and brighter things! Now, I did complete my 6 month goal of drawing everyday so now all I want to do is just keep posting regularly though not necessarily a drawing.  Perhaps photograph some of the drawings I cannot scan in cause they are too big? I have a lot of goals for this year and am hoping to achieve most if not all of them.  We shall see!