I did this quick doodle at the studio today.....I felt like drawing something cute and pudgy but also looking a bit tired and down.  I am really starting to feel the pressure of getting everything done.  Less than a month now when things start to go really crazy....I expect to not sleep at all when school starts.  I am also currently struggling with a big painting that I am doing for my friend who is moving away.  It's just not flowing as well as I would like.  I am using acrylics for it and perhaps am just not as used to the medium since I've been using watercolours constantly. 

I also managed to have dinner with an old friend tonight.  Always lovely catching up and keeping up to date.


  1. gaaahw-AAWH!this is ridiculously cute!(>//<) i wanna poke that that..-flobby back of his.n cuddle up in it's nose. fight on most wonderful animator!! <3 <3


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