2012 Goals

Now, am not a big fan of making New Years resolutions and all that jazz.  To be honest, I can't remember the last time I made any.  I always went with the approach of just doing what I need to do as soon as possible (mostly jobs) and doing what I want to do when I can (my personal projects) and whatever else...I'll just wing it.  However, this time I would like to do things differently.  Perhaps am inspired by all the upheavals and changes of 2011 and also because I accomplished a few goals I actually set my mind to: drawing everyday, loop animation every month and finally doing a screenprinting course and biting the bullet and applying to learn 3D animation and 2012 seems to be the year of changes and jumping into the deep end.

So goals:

1) Do the best I can at 3D school.  It's been a decade since I studied 2D animation and here I am learning another animation form...I'll be damned if I end up slacking off or any of that nonsense.  Am too old to act like a juvenile.....for most things.

2) Post everyday....or get to 365 posts at least.  Let's face it, I may not always get back home by midnight to post something.

3) Achieve fitness goals. I mean I want to be as fit as I can possibly be within a year.  I want to be able to do all the things I could never physically do and stop envying people who can actually do them and take the steps to achieve them instead.

4) Eat healthier, to help out goal number 03.  Am a sugar junkie.  I could eat a whole packet of oreos with milk and not feel sick and with a family line that has diabetes in the genes that tends to appear by the age of forty....this is not a good thing.   I would like to avoid diabetes and other diseases that comes from bad eating as much as possible.  I have started a food diary to help control my eating habits.  Seriously, if you want to know about your eating habits and how much junk food you actually eat, start one.

5) Get a zine/ comic/picture book/ anything in print form that can be sold at comic fairs and whatnot.  I'm in a comic studio now, surrounded by awesomely talented people and I've always wanted to do one and there is no better opportunity than this.

6) Prepare or do that exhibition I've always meant to do.  At least produce all the works I want in a gallery for either later this year or definitely in 2013.  I'm going with my fish bone theme.

7) Play with resin.  I am seriously fascinated by the medium, it looks so cool!  I just need a place to do it as the studio doesn't have much ventilation and my home is covered in carpet.  I think I may have to do it in the kitchen....is this a bad idea?

8) Don't let anyone stop me from achieving my projects or goals.  I let that happen before...no more.

9) Be a bit more conscious with money....some little things like switching the light off when am not in the room, shopping at the markets or buying food on sale at groceries.  A big one would be not extending myself financially if it's going to stress me out. 

10) Heh....this one is a secret.

On another note, I didn't plan on making a series of these little girls.  It just happens to be what I felt like drawing the last few days.  I am enjoying them.


  1. you are ambitious with those new years resolutions! Mine are- drink less coffee, and run more. :) I am drinking my second cup of coffee of the day right now.... I'm a work in progress I guess!

    Love the little lady drawings! Can't wait to see more art,


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