Blue Owl

I know that the drawing everyday challenge is over but I still like posting everyday.  I'm rather used to it I guess.  The question is will I be able to continue once school starts?  It's a tough one, isn't it?  A part of me thinks I will and it will probably involve a lot of ranting and showing of progress.  Another parts says I will be so snowed under that I will need to drop something in my hectic schedule.  I am currently trying to finish off my current freelance gigs, been painting like a madwoman at the studio and socializing with friends and trying my best to keep fit.  I still need to find time to study Maya on my own before school.  Perhaps this can hope.

This was done quickly with watercolours.  I like owls.  Perhaps I should make an Owl fish.


  1. oh you are so busy! glad to read you still have time for socialising! :)
    little blue owl is just gorgeous: i hope you will be able to conitnue posting art for us...
    xo sandra


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