Squishface Opening Personal Review

Our Studio Shop Front, right before the opening
Mine and Ben Hutchings' selling space

Work I was selling and displaying.  I had 3 original watercolour pieces framed, some prints, my business cards, a sktechbook and my first zine.  The Rose Fish (framed picture on the right) SOLD!  I was very very pleased.

My wall, displaying and selling the limited prints (1 out of 20 and 30s) The pink one right in the centre with the green tipped fins also sold.  My very first print sell!

An open page of my zine.
My very first zine!  Wheeee!  Lots of people seemed to like it and buy it too!  Thank you everyone!
David Blumenstein, Sarah Howell and Sacha Bryning's selling space

Me and my mum by the buffet table and Sarah Howell by the sink.  Arran Mckenna's selling spot is right behind Sarah.

Very first stranger/dude that just came in and started eating the food, before the crowds. 

Didn't take long for the crowds to come!

The folks arriving outside or going out for some air

A packed house!

Uber packed house!
Spilling onto the streets!

The Squishface Studio Opening was a major success.  People came, we socialized, made contacts, people bought stuff and folks seemed to really like the place and the works and many have mentioned that they would like to drop by and see how things are going down the track.  It was an amazing day.  I've never really had to host an opening and I can't think of better people to have done it with.  Everyone at the studio chipped in and cleaned up to make sure that yesterday would be absolutely fantastic.  There are currently six of us at the studio: Ben Hutchings, Arran Mckenna, Sarah Howell, David Blumenstein, Sacha Bryning and myself.   Then our friends and family brought stuff.  My mum brought yummy eclairs, profiteroles and coconut macaroons. Sacha's dad brought us chicken, sausages, chips and an Australia cake.  My friend Sarah Dean brought us a Tim tam cake!  People chipped in for beers....everyone was just so awesome and we at the studio are really very happy and pleased for all the support and help.

On a personal note, this was the first time I've actually exhibited my work for sale and I am very happy with the feedback and people actually bought stuff!  I sold my first print and original painting along with making sales of my very first zine!  It make me very happy and gives me the confidence to actually hold a proper exhibition before long and approach galleries with samples of my work and to bring out a nicer and better zine that isn't rushed and done in 3 days flat and with proper stapling!  I am not really used to selling anything that I have actually created on my own accord.  When people pay me, it's because I've created or done a job for them...it's a new and wonderful thing for me to discover that people like my personal work enough to pay for it.  I would also like to thank Ben Hutchings again for convincing me to make a zine at the last minute.  I would not have done it otherwise!  And for helping me out with the whole zine process.  I found it very confusing at best but we got there in the end. 

Thanks again everyone for all your support and for coming to the Opening.  Those who couldn't make it, come visit us sometime!


  1. amazing!:DD gahwd!congrats on the sale and fabulous reception!wish i could have been there in person,now just in thought. if i ever travel to sunny aus i will def pay you a visit n buy LOTS of amazing fishies!:D

  2. Where have I been?! Congratulations...this is so fantastic! Wishing you all and Squishface great success!!!
    xo j~


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