Run forward for your goals, run forward for your dreams...just run forwards.

I've been doing a lot of exercise and have been trying out new things and experiences lately.  I do feel like life is moving forward and so many more new experiences and challenges are about to come my way.  I sometimes feel like I am struggling to keep up and that I get tired far too quickly but I want to make sure I keep on pushing.  Things wont change or move forward unless I put the hard yards into it.


  1. I Love this illustration. So true, we must keep running forward. As a dear friend reminds me, "if you start it, it gets finished"

  2. Oh gosh, I sure know how you feel! (though it does seem like you are far more productive than I am, so I think you must run a lot faster) Poor little girl. I hope she gets a break soon. Great sense of motion with the lines!


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