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3D Animation: Pull

A pulling animation I did as part of a class exercise.  It hasn't been reviewed yet.  I kinda like it though I need to work on weights a bit more and am looking forward to spending a longer time working on an animation instead of just a few hours.  Really enjoying not having to re-draw everything and the ease of just moving the camera if I want to see the movement in a different angle.

3D animation: push

Howdy, one of my exercises at 3d school.  All about pushing this one.  Teacher really liked it, a few things need tweaking like the hands...but nothing hard to fix.  Animating in 3D is quite fun.

Fire Child

One of my designs for a job am working on at the moment.  I made a few fire children, it was a bit of fun and it's always nice trying to come up with poses.  Lots of stuff to do as per always.  I am hankering to get into doing more fish bone paintings.  I want to have a solo exhibition next year but we shall see how that goes.  I still want to work on my comics much to do, so much to do.....

Lil Johnny, still image

Heh, something I worked on ages ago.  It was the last time I was in a studio infact.  This one is called Little Johnny.  A fun movie that came out last year. Unfinished background as all the finished backgrounds were comped in After Effects. A bit flat out today and there is still stuff to do.  Can't write much

Old corporate gig done aaaaaaages ago.

Howdy, here's a still from an animation I worked on some time last year.  It was a corporate gig about insurance.  I almost forgot to put up a post this evening...till I looked at the time.  I have been drawing all day, but unfortunately I can;t show you guys any of the new stuff yet... that's how it is with jobs.  You need to wait for a project is released before you can show the finished pieces. Things are really busy this month...I know I say that every month but it feels like things are escalating rather than slowing down and though I keep finishing stuff on my "to do list" it seems to be increasing rather than decreasing.  I love being busy but come December, I am going to take a breather.  Don;t hold me to that though.....

EXHIBITCHIN photos and stuff

Ben Hutcho's Art My art and Ive Sorocuk Arran and my parents and Dave's art...calm before the storm Our first guest! Ive Sorocuk and David Blumenstein Ive cutting into the trifle of death Sacha Bryning amongst the crowd that came out of no where Ben schmoozing with more guests! Now we are busy! Still busy A Paula close up More friends arriving! My sister and Patrick Alexander David and Huda from Sketch N' Tulip Check out the crowd! Now night time and we are still going Kathryn and Sarah Howell Ive saying how tired I look David and his beard Jo Waite Sarah looking very happy Me chatting to someone Here are the photos from Exhibitchin at Squishface Studios .  It was totally awesome and we had a great lot of fun!  There was food to be had, catching up with friends and family and I sold my piece which was pretty darn cool!  I had a great time ye

The Armada...SOLD

Howdy, this piece sold at Exhibitichin and is off to a new home.  The original water colours.  I don't have any scans of this, only photos.  A pretty cool piece and am very happy with it and it's great that it was appreciated by a lot of other people.  I don't actually paint to sell.  I paint the fishbones and I love coming up with new ideas with them because I really like doing it.  It's a bonus that it is appreciated by other people.  More on the shenanigans and tomfoolery of Exhibitchin tomorrow!

Some food stuff for Exhibitichin

So Exhibitchin is tomorrow!  WoooooooOoo!  I have been baking all day today and am pretty exhausted.  The cake at the bottom is actualy two brownies stacked on each other and I admit...not the prettiest of cakes.  Presentation is a bit disastrous really.  However it was rather tasty. Mmmm....sugary chocolatey goodness.

3D run cycle!!!

Howdy!  We were working on runs today and here's my SECOND attempt on a run cycle.  I made four different versions today and this was my favourite of the day.  The Ninja run cycles from the anime "Naruto" is what inspired this one. Tomorrow will be the first day I miss out on 3D class as I need to run around preparing for Exhibitchin on Saturday.  I hope the weather is decent on the weekend.  With Melbourne, you just never know which is unfortunate sometimes.  I don't like missing class.  I am enjoying the animation side of things and I'm picking it up really quickly.  I have an advantage coming from a 2D animation background.  I also got my ass kicked by my betters at Ettamogah and my head got kicked in to learn the graphs in another animation program called Toon Boom...which by the way, I am very thankful for.

Another version of 3D walk cycle

Howdy, something we had to do at school quickly.  This was using the previous walk cycle I had and making different versions of it by moving graphs and other body parts.  A bit of fun realy.   Did a bit more preparation for Exhibitchin today.  The day is drawing near....


EXHIBITCHIN PREPARATIONS! Hehehehe!  Check out our fearless leader Ben Hutcho at Squishface Studios posing with the supplies I will be using to make oreo milkshakes and a brownie peanut butter stack and a chocolate and peanut butter trifle.  This is all for Exhibitchin coming this Saturday!  Please click on this link or the picture link above to check out a youtube clip of some of our preparations!

Cat design done aaaaaages ago !

An old job I totally forgot about!  I got hired to design and animate a cat silhouette for a title sequence but then they decided that they didn't want an animation after I have done several views of the walk cycle.  Ah well,  I got paid so all good!  I did this some time last year...I think.... For other news, I will have two pieces for Exhibitchin ...yeah!

WIP second piece for Exhibitchin!

Am almost done!!!! Not long now before the big day!

Christmas 2011 Concept art

Howdy!  I was going through my old job folder from last year and came across this!  Concept art I did ages ago for Christmas 2011 that didn't get picked up which is a shame.  Still it was fun to do!  Been working on my Exhibitchin piece all day.  It's on next Saturday!

FIRST 3D Walk Cycle.....

Hello, hello! first 3D walk cycle.  I think it's a bit too fast and could use more tweaking but I think it's a pretty decent effort for my first one!  I also had only a day to do this one too, so pretty pleased...given the chance I will need to go back into Maya, tweak and re-render but time is really not a luxury I have on my hands.  It will be interesting doing any 3D animation in the industry as everyone rigs differently and unlike working in Flash, I can't just go and break the model and customize the rig for myself.  Animating with the graphs is still taking quite a bit of getting used to.  Still, we've only just started character animations at school, hopefully I will have gotten the hang of it before the year is out!

3D eraser animation

Howdy!  An exercise we did at school yesterday which is animating an inanimate object.  A bit of fun and it's nice to just concentrate on the animation.  This was done in 2 hours from scratch.  Luckily the model didn't have to be awesome, just practicing timing and continuing to get used to animating with rigs, controllers and graph editors.  It's an odd feeling jumping between 2D and 3D animation programs.  It's like switching brains...

London Trash Life drawing01: Heroes

Howdy!  So I went to London Trash Life Drawing 's first event at the Sketch N' Tulip Cafe in North Melbourne. It was a lot of fun and the theme was "Heroes".  A shame I didn't get to stay the whole night, had to go home to meet up with the family.  Anyhoo, tonight was really good ...but I am so rusty with life drawing.  Something I truly want to get back into once I have a bit more free time. I don't like life drawing with a pencil as I get too precious and I don;t have time to be precious in 5 minutes. Now, for all you local Melbournians, come and visit the Sketch N' Tulip for some awesome art and delicious food.  364 victoria street, north melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria is the address.  The people there are incredibly nice and I love how supportive they are of artists.  I also sold quite a few pieces there already and it's been great!  I also love their banana bread and coffees.  Mmmmm....yum!

Season01 BG Design Dukes: Photoshoot

Howdy...another Background design and re-dress of props that I did for season 01 Dukes of Broxstonia .  It was a lot of fun.  For those that don;t know, am currently drawing up assets for their second season.  I have more to do this round which is pretty awesome.  It's always good to be on a job that requires some drawing muscles. I am booking all of my Saturday to just paint my second Exhibitchin piece.  Needs to get done!  I am hoping the whole day is enough to finish it's hoping. Too tired now.  Need sleep...finished all of my work for tonight so that's nice! For other news...I've been commissioned to replicate two of the steampunk fishies I've done already with slight changes.  They want it as close to the original though but I will definitely make changes.....

Season01 BG design Dukes of Broxstonia

Hello, hello!  This is a design I made for Series01 Dukes of Broxstonia .  I am currently working on backgrounds and props for their second season.  Been pretty much doing that all day today.  However, I can't show any of those designs until it shows up on TV!  Be prepared to see more of my older designs from this series on my blog....

Sold at the Cowwarr Art Space

Hello, hello!  I think i mentioned some time ago that Squishface was exhibiting at the Cowwarr Art Space in Gippsland.  The pictures show the work i have on display and for sale there.  I sold all 3 of the Stemapunk Fishies!  I am very pleased.  Very pleased indeed!  sadly, no one is up for the other piece but oh well!  That's still pretty good and I am very happy about it.  Carolyn and Clive who run the space are totally awesome!

3D Facial Blend Shapes

Blend shapes!  Woo hoo!!!  My first go at them.  This was for the previous 3D assessment but I didn't have a good render of this clip on me. Did a lot of work on my Exhibitchin piece today and some design work but am still not done for tonight.  So much going on!

3D Fox and Ball with Legs (animation assessment)

Hello, hello!  3D animation assessment!  The point of this was to get the fox and the ball to interact with each other, had 7 seconds max to play with and at least one character needs to walk in and at least one character needs to get out of shot.  This isn't too bad for about 9 hours worth of work.  I would have liked more time to tweak and refine the animation though.  Ah well! Oh and the notebook paper above shows my very, very rough director board.  The assessment required us to be able to follow whatever it is we boarded too.  This got checked by the lecturer before getting into Maya to animate.

3D walk ball cycle

Howdy!  One of the exercises I did at school today!  This was all about copying someone elses walk cycle.

more concept art for work...

A really rough concept art for a gig...I did it ages ago but I didn't get the chance to draw tonight.

Armada (WIP)

I managed to finish inking the outlines of this today.  Woo hoo!  I'm hoping to start painting it soon and get it all ready for Exhibitchin .  The day is approaching fast and it's getting pretty scary!!!!  I have so much to do!!!  Gah!!!!  This piece is pretty big by the A2 in size.  So it's going to take me a while to do....but I will finish it!  You wait and see!