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Urban Sketching: Flemington Police Station

Howdy! I took advantage of the weather today to sketch outdoors.  I've been meaning to sketch the police station for ages!  I didn't even get all of it.  It's huge!!!  I'll be sketching it in another angle or two to show the extent of it.  It was good fun though and I thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine.

Illustration Job: restaurant e-book

One of my work in progress pages for the illustration job am working on.  I didn't get to go urban sketching today which was disappointing but it could not be helped.  My friend who was delivering my painting since he worked in the gallery couldn't do it because he was sick and the deadline was at 10:30am so, I rushed to his place and took a cab there, didn't realize that the gallery doesn;t open till 10am and I could not get from Fitzroy to Hawthorn to make it in time for sketching and...I am feeling a bit burnt out today.  I haven't drawn anything today.  I think I just need more sleep.  Cabs are expensive, I took too many this week.  I ate out too much this week too, I need to change that for next week, spent way too much money.

Another face

A new face drawing!  Been enjoying the face. No pencils either and using Staedtlers only.  Lots of fun! Much to do on the weekend!  Mostly involving drawings!!!

New journal entries!

cannoli Nachos! Work out Here are the new journal entries.  I felt like drawing faces has been a while and I love drawing faces.  I stopped working on one sketch as I needed to do one of my illustration gigs tonight.  I need to spend all of Sunday working on the job too.  Hoping to get it done next week.  My journal book is almost finished and I drew and wrote in that, back to back.  It's a great book for journals.  I need to try moleskines one of these days too. Gotta finish a big-ish shot tomorrow.  Hoping to get it all done before end of day!

100 Cats Exhibition!

Add caption Hi!  Here's the upcoming exhibition I am a part of!  Next Friday, Sept 05 is the opening night, come one come all!  Essentially, a good part of the proceeds will be going to Ingrid's Haven, which has a no-kill policy for kitties.  That's a lot of kitties to keep alive, if you think about it and Off the Kerb is giving them a hand by holding this exhibition!  Please feel free to donate kitty wet food and toys while the  exhibition is going as it will all go towards helping out Ingrid's Haven. For those that don't know, am actually allergic to cats and the piece I submitted, reflected that.  However, I really do love patting them, though i have to wash my hands immediately afterwards. Busy, busy as always from my end.  I spent the evening enjoying the company of some of the urban sketching ladies.  I worked on the book job I have at the moment.  I may have to spend a good chunk of tomorrow night and definitely Saturday night and all of Sunday wor

More chocolates

  More chocolates!  It has been really busy at work lately so I've only been able to draw one bar  of chocolate.  Still not eating any of it...just drawing what's available at the studio!  I stash it away in my box till after I draw it and then give it away!  So busy right now and back to back social events and I have work to do as well!  Trying to squeeze it all in....

Weekend Diary posts and break time at work

 Diary entries over the last few days.  I may need to do my illustration work during my break at work now.  Had to do quite a few things when I got home today so I didn;t get around it.  Oh well.

Urban Sketching: Hawthorn Catholic Parish

Hawthorn Catholic Parish Photo by Jay photo by Kym S Photo by Jay Photo by Kym S Photo by Gary Photo by Kym S drawing of mantle at cafe My drawing and the Urban Sketchers yesterday.  A lot of fun as always!  We were on Glenferrie Road, I chose to draw the Church.  I think I will go for the Town Hall when we come back here and definitely a streetscape.  I haven't done one in a while, I need to get back on it. Been doing a lot of sketches lately which has been fun.  I have to do mostly work over the next few days though, which isn't surprising but needs to be done nonetheless!

Drawing while waiting for a friend

I was at Raw Trader yesterday. waiting for a friend when I drew these!  They were late.  I would like to go back to Raw Trader and draw the interior of their cafe.  A very nice little spot.  None of their desserts have sugar in them too which is great!

Cherry Ripe

Hi!  Didn't have much time to draw today!  Here's a cherry ripe I drew at lunch and then gave to Ben after I was done with it.  Yup, another sweetie I decided not to eat.  I did eat a piece of apple liquorice though!  Heh, was curious as to how it tasted.  Too sweet for my liking.  A busy weekend ahead with social events, freelance and drawing!

Doodles for today

Hi!  So am having a few problems drawing cylinder's in perspective.  I know the theory but it's not what am actually seeing.  Anyway, will try again.  There were chocolates at the studio today.  I just wanted to draw them and didn't actually eat any.  I did have some nutella this morning though!

Journal pics for today.

pizza, lunchtime at work Pura Milk while cooking dinner It was a very busy day today!  Here are some of the drawings I did, one at lunch and the other at dinner.  I was suppose to do some roughs tonight after work for the illustration book but I couldn't come up with any ideas until it was quite late.  However, I am ready to go and do all the drafts tomorrow night and submit for Friday feedback!  Hopefully it is well received. I am quite tired.  No gym tomorrow so I can sleep in a bit!  I have a lot to do at the studio though.

More Journal pages...again!

Drawing of empty wafer can today Cola bottle drawing on the weekend! Hi!  Here are some journal pages I did today and I forgot to post the bottle one up.  I had to spend most of the evening working on a commission job and I am pleased to say that I finished it!  Woo hoo!  I'll show it off once the recipient receives it...which will be after I frame and get it delivered.  I want to go to so many place to Urban sketch.  All over Melbourne to start.  The CBD and the surrounding suburbs are pretty awesome.  Would be nice to just spend a month sketching at different locations everyday.  I may get my chance as my contract finishes in December.  Who knows what will happen after that.  I may spend a month just going through all my to do lists that I don't get a chance to do when am working a lot.  That said, I would prefer it if the jobs just keep on coming!  I stress less and eventually, I will make everything else happen in-between work!

Journal pics ranging from Saturday till today!

Might have overindulged Korean Tacos at Streat! My favourite scrambled eggs can be found at Pallet Me at my desk and drawing the pizza I had for lunch!  Homemade by me :) So, I've become a bit more ambidextrous as I've discovered that I can easily eat with my left and draw with my right, simulatneously.  Essentially, I do a quick sketch of the food at the cafe and then colour it while am eating!  I enjoy doing it.

A page from a new e-book, with drafts!

Final Black and white Rough before changes So here is the process of an e-book page I submitted today (and it's already approved!).  I sent the rough first and originally I gave them guns because the characters were hunters but as it turns out, am not allowed to illustrate that so I removed the guns and changed it with sticks.  Then I cleaned up the sketch, after making the changes, with a brush pen.  Afterwards, I scanned and coloured it in Photoshop and the top is the final result!I actually made a lot of changed with the original brush pen clean-up in Photoshop, like re-scaling the characters and making them look a bit chubbier on the face. Now to work on the other pages!  I have this and two commission jobs to work on this week.  Hoping to get them all done!

Urban Sketching: Melbourne Central

Group Photo by Kym Steinke Melbourne Central Done....look at hat sunglare Work in progress shot.  sunglare was quite bad... It was good fun drawing today!  Felt like I was in the drawing zone, that's for sure.  This one was tough to do though.  I was sitting cross legged, I had sun in my eye, the perspective wasn't what I was used to doing..bah!  I am very pleased with it though and am happy I pretty much got it! I found more locations to draw as well and as soon as I have a free weekend morning I am headed there!  Shopping centres are better to do in the mornings since there are less crowds so it's easier to get prime position for drawing shops and building fronts.