More Journal pages...again!

Drawing of empty wafer can today

Cola bottle drawing on the weekend!
Hi!  Here are some journal pages I did today and I forgot to post the bottle one up.  I had to spend most of the evening working on a commission job and I am pleased to say that I finished it!  Woo hoo!  I'll show it off once the recipient receives it...which will be after I frame and get it delivered. 

I want to go to so many place to Urban sketch.  All over Melbourne to start.  The CBD and the surrounding suburbs are pretty awesome.  Would be nice to just spend a month sketching at different locations everyday.  I may get my chance as my contract finishes in December.  Who knows what will happen after that.  I may spend a month just going through all my to do lists that I don't get a chance to do when am working a lot.  That said, I would prefer it if the jobs just keep on coming!  I stress less and eventually, I will make everything else happen in-between work!


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