A page from a new e-book, with drafts!


Black and white
Rough before changes
So here is the process of an e-book page I submitted today (and it's already approved!).  I sent the rough first and originally I gave them guns because the characters were hunters but as it turns out, am not allowed to illustrate that so I removed the guns and changed it with sticks.  Then I cleaned up the sketch, after making the changes, with a brush pen.  Afterwards, I scanned and coloured it in Photoshop and the top is the final result!I actually made a lot of changed with the original brush pen clean-up in Photoshop, like re-scaling the characters and making them look a bit chubbier on the face.

Now to work on the other pages!  I have this and two commission jobs to work on this week.  Hoping to get them all done!


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