More journal doodles

My journal/food diary has become quite the stress reliever.  I do zen out by doodling and I have been enjoying drawing food and objects and packaging around me.  Perhaps it's an extension of urban sketching.  Sopeaking of which, I hope there's a meetup this Saturday, otherwise I will just have to find a building to draw.  I got a friend coming over Saturday night too and we're going to have an Attack on Titan marathon.  Should be awesome fun!

Some folks think am depriving myself by not eating the chocolates I've drawn.  To be honest, am just choosing my cheats meals.  For instance, instead of a caramello koala, I had gourmet salted caramel hot chocolate that a good friend of mine bought me for my birthday.  I prefer stuff like that any day to processed chocolates.  As it is, I am baking for my friend on Saturday.  I plan to eat some brownies!


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