This is for Illustration Friday, the theme being "Twirl".  Wheee!!!

A busy day today, I finally have back-up copies of all my A3 fish bone pieces and I still need to select my best work for printing tomorrow, among other things.  I'm going to be running around doing errands for most of the day tomorrow and I am hoping to get it all done.  Still, all has been good.  A little panicked...but good.


  1. yet another cutey pie.. cheers :o)

  2. Very cute! I still like to twirl like that sometimes! :)

  3. WHEEEEEEEEE!!! Hehehehehe, so adorable! I'm loving all these little kids you are doing lately. The one in the machine, especially, makes me smile BIG. Wish I had a machine like that! Good luck with the printing.

    Okay. Oooh, I'm getting dizzy!

  4. twirl and shout!!!! WHEEEE ♫ ♫ ♫

  5. She looks so happy. Nice angle on this.

  6. Very cute, happy expression. Really neat background, too.

  7. I can feel the G-forces start to take hold.


  8. Fantastic (again!)!! This really says twirl to me (even though I am twirling my hair...) - great aerial action illo too!


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