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I am bemoaning on just how unfit I am.  Seriously....I was hoping to be a lot tougher but am not.  Oh well, this is the reason why I asked a friend to help me train.  Sheesh....I totally enjoyed it though.  Don't get me wrong, nice to get adrenalin going, heart pumping and an endorphin hit and it is good to get an idea on how much more I have to do to reach my fitness goals and what's more, it's great to have company and a watchful eye.  Let's face it, many of us don't physically train (unless we're trying out for a major sporting event) to our absolute limits.  The mind starts screaming, "STOP, I FEEL PAIN AND AN UNCOMFORTABLE BURNING SENSATION" long before the body is actually ready to give up.  In short, I have some physical goals and I want to achieve them, so am gonna suck it up. No pain, no gain.

I am also moaning about not having enough time to do everything this month.  Yes, it's been the recurring theme lately.  I like to think of myself as efficient and with abilities to get into a project/job and see it through and I am frustrated that I can't go any faster or accomplish much more than what I already am in a day.  I mean, I don't want to do nothing but work.  I did that straight for 3 years when I first started freelancing and trust me, things can get most unpleasant with that sort of thing.  I have started enjoying my life as a freelancer more when I actually took breaks, got myself physically exerting hobbies and spending money on travel.  I would like to continue to do that however with school coming up...I have no idea what to expect!  Simultaneously terrifying and exciting.

Anyway, it was good today.  I got a bit of work done, have a few more to do before bedtime and I got my exercise.  Life is good and I can't complain.

PS. I am under no false illusions that I won't be hurting tomorrow.  I am going to be hurting and am sure I will be swearing with every step I take.  Lower body is what was trained today.


  1. adoring these little girls that you've been drawing lately!so full of life n happy. well uuh.. most of them anyways. :)

  2. Hope you weren't too sore! I like your WAH!! :)


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