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Outfit of the Day 024

Hallo! This outfit was from weeks ago now when we did Formal Thursday.  First time I wore my hair in a bun and a long time since I appeared in business attire.  I find our weekly clothing themes so much fun.  I have a lot more to post here too.  I borrowed some earrings off Astri because I misplaced the earrings I was originally wearing.  Turns out I accidentally tucked it into my shirt. Dean did the Photoshop goodness for the Jazz album rendition.  Anyway, things have been busy with delivering episodes, my weekends and Fridays are now booked for the next 3 weeks with birthdays and I have a Kid Lit conference on the 19th.  Busy, busy, busy!  Trying to exercise and move more and not eat as much but it does get hard I spent the weekend at a baby shower, doing my taxes and catching up with outfit of the day drawings.  I just finished number 33...pretty awesome.  I can't remember the last time I made over 30 using the same medium, subject and style.  Am pretty happy a

Outfit of the Day 023 and 025

These are pics from 2 weeks ago!  I was doing some kickboxing moves on Wednesday and wore my "Frosty Fun" A-line dress that can be bought on my Redbubble Shop . We went out for a Friday lunch that day.  It's nice to have bonding time with the Studio folks and get some sun!   Drawing with the girls has been great! I miss kickboxing.  I did it for 2 years...seems like a lifetime ago now. I would love to do more active things again but I haven't made it a focus.  I think it might be time for me to focus on my health and try to get into some better habits again.  Food Diary and really attempt to make exercise a priority again.  I'm not freelancing at the moment.  My current job is just too strenuous for it to be a possibility for aside from illustrating my daily outfit, which I have decided will be my project until I make 100 drawing, and we'll see if I decide to continue after that, I think exercise shall be my other focus. Today was

Outfit of the Day 021-022

Hallo! Look at this!  Did some exercise while doing outfit of the day!  We've been having a lot of fun doing these. Not much to report at the moment though in terms of life stuff.  My kitten is overweight, I might have spoilt him a bit so he's now on a diet and has not been a very happy kitty.  I have a busy weekend planned and am about 3 days behind on my outfit of the day drawings.  Hoping to draw another one tonight. Studio life is a little more colorful and fun with drawing outfits!

Outfit of the Day 019-020

Hallo, hallo!  last of my outfits from two weeks ago.  I get to post the outfits from last week from tomorrow.  On both days I was wearing my Redbubble designs that can be bought on my Redbubble shop.  It was a bit of a coincidence that I was wearing pink themed outfits both days. Maddy wasn't in this photo cos she went to a retreat and the other photo was me at Trentham where Rob and I had a day out there. Can't write much more for now, will have to come back later!

Outfit of the Day 017-018

Demi and Ani, twinning by accident Photoshop goodness by Dean Photoshop by Ani. Channeling our inner Girl Punk Band Photoshop by Dean Studio Moshi crew Gothic/BW participants. Photoshop by Dean Hi!  These were my outfits from 2 weeks ago!  Rob and I love Deadpool (him more than me, am more of a Joker and Harley girl) so we have a lot of paraphernalia in our household. I bought my bag from Zing and my top from Jayjays. The gun prop I had during my Harley Quinn cosplaying days. Sometimes I wish I still csoplayed but it's a lot of work and I don't have as much time anymore.  I'd also want to start working out big time before I can do that again.  Tight bodysuits are not forgiving. We all had fun with the gun prop that day except for Maddie that was afraid of guns, even toy ones. Thursday April 04 was Goth/ Black and White day at the studio for the fashion statement group!  I had to borrow a few accessories from a friend to complete my outfi

Outfit of the Day 015-016

Hi! My outfits earlier this month! I wore I dress when we went out on the Saturday and checked out the Avengers Station. While we were walking to dinner, I saw the lucky cat jacket in the front window of Dangerfield Clothing store and I just had to have it.  I collect lucky cats and there was absolutely no question that I would buy this jacket.  There are plenty of other clothes I like in there and am hoping to get the chance and not blow the budget, to go back there and buy quite a few articles of clothing that caught my eye.  Dangerfield shared my  drawing on their instagram page too!  Really happy about that!  When we were doing our selfie that day, the girls and I were trying to do our impersonation of a smug female anime character going "ho ho ho!" Today was super busy.  I am currently checking and sorting out problems across 3 different episodes. On facebook, I tend to just put up posts of all the good times and the lunches at the studio but there

Outfit of the Day 013-014

Last of the outfits not last week but 2 weeks before.  A bit behind putting up all the outfits thus far as am currently finishing up number 25.  I wore my patterned outfit on March 28 and it was Double Denim Thursday on March 29 was the work theme where anyone from Studio Moshi can join in if they choose to. Double Denim day was very popular.  I am wearing my Grandma Funk jacket with an eyeball pattern.  I fell in love with it while walking in Melbourne Central.  I do love their clothes but it is pretty expensive and I try to keep clothing purchases to a minimum, given that I spend quite a lot on books and art materials.  That said, I do own a lot of those now so perhaps some nice new and cool clothing is worth buying.  Most of my clothes last for years.  I love patterned clothes, boots and funky and colorful styles.  The Studio went out to lunch too on Double Denim Day.  It's good to have an opportunity to bond with colleagues and have a break from work.  Despite

Some friends..

Hi, hi!  I drew some colleagues/friends from work. Change it up from drawing myself all the time.  Amanda is our producer and is an Emmy nominee Adele is an illustrator and art director.  I haven't drawn a lot of other people though, I'm struggling keeping up drawing my own outfits.  Most of this weekend was spent catching up with all the outfits I wore this week and am still a tad behind.  I am still finishing up Friday, 13/04 outfit and I wore something cute today so I want to draw that as well. My friend Ben visited today for a bit of a catch up over lunch.  Always good fun seeing him and talking shop.  I met him in 2005, on my first TV animation series job, he no longer animates but still occasionally illustrates on top of carpentry.  For other news, our kitty needs to lose weight.  1.3 kilos to be exact.  We went to the vet yesterday to get Hanzo vaccinated and he got weighed.  Am a bad parent.  Sigh.  Am off to do more drawing now and hopefully get all my ou

Face Doodles: Charmanie and Jeanette

Last of the face doodles I did early this year!  Faces are fun but it doesn't seem that I have enough staying power in regards to that.  Been doing pretty well with my outfit of the day drawings.  I made it to 24 so far.  Not all has been posted on this blog yet.  I actually have a lot of drawings I haven't posted yet.  I will get to it though! Drawings above where done on cheap paper with markers.  I think this particular paper would do better with color pencils.  I'll test out that theory next time.  Right now am working on a particular sketchbook that I buy from a friend.  The paper really lends itself to brush pens.  My weapon of choice since I don't have to wait for it to dry like water colors and I can draw on this particular sketchbook back to back.  Looks like an actual book. Work goes by very quickly because we're very busy but the weekends go by fast too since am always doing something as well.  Sleeping in, drawing and chores where on the agen

Outfit of the Day 011-012

Ah...the outfit of the day gang.  It's been a lot of fun thus far.  These girls are on the other team but I worked with Maddi on Shopkins and I was Anna and Demi's Animation Supervisor for Shopkins Wild.  I think it's great that age or rank doesn't matter that much at this studio. I've learned long ago that roles and positions are somewhat malleable as a freelancer/contractor.  I also sometimes forget that I am over 10 years older than quite a lot of people on my team.  Crazy....where did the time go?  Was I ever that enthusiastic, that chirpy?  Can't believe it was 2004 when I had my first full-time contract...14 years ago.  Crazy.

Face Doodles: Eloise and Liz

More face doodles from early February cos they are so much fun.  I love drawing make-up and wild hair and flamboyant accessories.  I want to re-color my hair again and just get a haircut but work has been way busy.  I haven't been able to get massages, go to the dentist, all that stuff! Am starting to wonder if I am wasting my money on my health insurance, given how I just haven't been able to have as much time for myself to even get these sort of things done.  The downside of being a full-time contract worked that is the team leader.  Sigh.  That said, it has been good though and we are getting a lot of stuff done! I am not ungrateful for the steady job, though it's preventing me from taking on big freelance work.  Given my travel time, I don't really have a lot of time at night and  I would like to be able to create for myself, rather than someone else in the evenings. Weekends is my time to relax and unfortunately I've been required to come in on some Sat

Outfit of the Day 009-010

Outfits from Friday and Saturday over a week ago!  I didn't go home these days, stayed the night at my friend's Evelyn and spent most of Saturday with her.  It was a good few days given the bounciness of the pictures. Got another episode due this week, much checking to do and delegating tasks to my team this week.  Hopefully we get it all done!

Face Doodles: Jesse and Kay

I drew these faces with brush pens and markers in February.  I was going to try andf draw a face every day but it didn't happen.  I am doing a lot better with my outfits of the day drawings. I don't know what it is, but I am always trying to attempt a daily challenge where I draw the same thing for a long amount of time, preferably making a 100, but I've never really achieved that and I would like to.  I've drawn a lot of faces and a lot of things actually, but it's been a while since I've done it consistently and in the same style. I would also like to make a book compilation of a theme of drawings.  I am sure I have more than enough, it's all about resources though and whether or not it would sell.  Maybe if I consistently drew cakes....wouldn't help my weight though!