Outfit of the Day 003-004

Hi!  Drawing outfits daily is a fun little project.  I wonder how many I can draw?  The most I've ever drawn for one theme consistently where my fish bones and urban sketching.  I tend to revisit themes and genres but I tend to get bored after a while and it would be nice to really stick to something for a change, consistently...least make a 100!  Meh, will see.  Right now this is fun and I don't really want to put too much pressure on myself.  I haven't even made 20 yet, after all.

I was having a tough week at work with all the submissions, so it's nice to unwind by seeing and enjoying the company of friends during and after work.  Doing outfit of the day photos, is a lovely break to the day!

I've been having a hard time unwinding nowadays, work and projects is normally on my mind but even more so nowadays, since I'm now responsible for a team. I think that's why I preferred to just animate and not have much responsibility but this has been a very good experience and I am learning a lot of new skills that I would not have if I just stayed as an animator.  I had the choice to just stay home and do footage or lead and I chose to lead.  I guess I wanted to grow as a professional and as a person.  Studio Moshi is great that I work with a lot of people I consider friends outside of work and to be someone that mentors the next generation of animators! 


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