Shopkins Wild Screening

Well...this event happened on March 01.  I've been really busy this month and have unfortunately neglected my blog.  My aim for the month of April is to do regular blog posts again.

The Shopkins Wild screening was a good night.  We left work early-ish to get to Chadstone.  Not the most convenient location, given that the studio is in Richmond, but it was fun to get there nonetheless. The folks from the studio and Moose met at the foyer where people posed in front of the screens where the trailer was playing, before entering the theater. Popcorn and drinks were provided and little toys!  The ratio that screened was unfortunately the wrong one, the characters at the bottom were cut off.  Luckily though, because of this premiere, it will be correct for paying customers.

Shopkins was a very intense but enjoyable project and it was good to see the results on the big screen.

Studio Moshi is now currently working on Space Chickens.  A joint production for Disney.  It's a TV series this time, so unlike Shopkins, this is a marathon and not a sprint.  I am enjoying my role as Animation team lead, but it is super busy!  Enjoying every bit of time off I can!


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