100people in 5 days...not...

I tried to do the #oneweek100people challenge...and failed fairly miserably.  I don't like drawing sketchy so this really wasn't the challenge for me..and with a creative full-time job...it just wasn't possible.  This was all I could muster, am afraid.

I struggle to draw loose and sketchy, I can appreciate it when other artists do it but I don't like it when I do. It would be great if I could draw faster and better.  Details make me happy, what can I say?

Hair and fashion magazines are great references...lately I've been looking into different fashion bloggers on instagram as well, one I like looking at is @tokyofashion.  It's so quirky and it's the exact thing I love drawing!

Working constantly in the animation industry is a gift on top of hard work but some days it would be nice to have some more free time to become a better artist.  That's life though, huh?  Just got to make do with the time I do have!


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