Outfit of the Day 017-018

Rabbit Town Art

Rabbit Town Art
Rabbit Town Art

Demi and Ani, twinning by accident
Rabbit Town Art
Photoshop goodness by Dean
Rabbit Town Art
Photoshop by Ani. Channeling our inner Girl Punk Band
Rabbit Town Art
Photoshop by Dean
Marta Tesoro
Studio Moshi crew Gothic/BW participants. Photoshop by Dean

Hi!  These were my outfits from 2 weeks ago!  Rob and I love Deadpool (him more than me, am more of a Joker and Harley girl) so we have a lot of paraphernalia in our household. I bought my bag from Zing and my top from Jayjays. The gun prop I had during my Harley Quinn cosplaying days. Sometimes I wish I still csoplayed but it's a lot of work and I don't have as much time anymore.  I'd also want to start working out big time before I can do that again.  Tight bodysuits are not forgiving. We all had fun with the gun prop that day except for Maddie that was afraid of guns, even toy ones.

Thursday April 04 was Goth/ Black and White day at the studio for the fashion statement group!  I had to borrow a few accessories from a friend to complete my outfit.  It was cool posing and channeling your dark side.  My friend and colleague, Dean, took our photos and did a lot of Photoshop on the photos just to get the mood right! 

Tomorrow at the studio is Pop Culture day!   I have a few options but I think I'll go with what's comfortable!


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