Lucky Cats 019-021

drawings by Marta Tesoro/ Rabbit Town Art

Drawings by Marta Tesoro / Rabbit Town Art

Hallo, hallo!  These were the first drawings I did this year but I haven't posted them on here.  My bad!  I went to Japan after Christmas and I didn't really write about my trip on the blog.  I was working on the Shopkins Wild movie, as Animation Supervisor, when I went to Japan.  I booked the trip in April after the Shopkins World Vacation movie project.  When I came back in January, the project has wrapped up.  I helped do some fixes but then I was pretty much on Space Chickens in my new role as Animation Team Lead, the role I am currently in.

Anyway, one of the things I did do while I was in Japan was buy lots of Lucky Cats or Maneki Nekos on my trip.  I love them.  I like what the represent and just the look in general.  I do love kitties as well, after all.  Well, I bought over a dozen and I actually would love to buy more when I go back.  My partner collects sword replicas and I collect maneki nekos.  I think I've got about 40 or so at home.  I haven't drawn all of them either.  I'll get around to it!


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