Face Doodles: Charmanie and Jeanette

Marta Tesoro

Rabbit Town Art

Last of the face doodles I did early this year!  Faces are fun but it doesn't seem that I have enough staying power in regards to that.  Been doing pretty well with my outfit of the day drawings.  I made it to 24 so far.  Not all has been posted on this blog yet.  I actually have a lot of drawings I haven't posted yet.  I will get to it though!

Drawings above where done on cheap paper with markers.  I think this particular paper would do better with color pencils.  I'll test out that theory next time.  Right now am working on a particular sketchbook that I buy from a friend.  The paper really lends itself to brush pens.  My weapon of choice since I don't have to wait for it to dry like water colors and I can draw on this particular sketchbook back to back.  Looks like an actual book.

Work goes by very quickly because we're very busy but the weekends go by fast too since am always doing something as well.  Sleeping in, drawing and chores where on the agenda today.  A friend is coming over tomorrow, need to tidy up a few things and do some baking I think!

It's going to be a super busy week since we have a lot of things due.  Hope to get it all sorted!


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