52 Weeks of Florals Challenge week 01: Snowdrop

Snowdrop painting process by Rabbit Town Art
Finished gouache painting of Snowdrops

Today I worked on my first gouache painting in years. I can't even remember when I last used this medium.  Thought I would practice with it and the best way to try and change up your style is to change your medium  I also felt like painting over inking, this time around. 

I did this for another art challenge but a weekly one so it's more do-able.  the 52 Week Floral challenge.

Rabbit Town Art Snowdrop sketch
Colour pencil sketch of Snowdrop

I am not sure if I'll be able to do them all but there's no real pressure.  I am trying to get some floral patterns happening in my portfolio and getting elements done should hopefully be enough.

My process has me doing a rough sketch of the flowers first and then the base painting, then detailing. I look at google to see how the flowers look like and then make up the composition and the lighting after that.  It's not something I find difficult once I know how something looks like in a variety of angles.

work progress by Rabbit Town Art
Base painting of Snowdrops

I am however cutting it close though as the deadline for this flower is tomorrow. I mean, the dates are just a suggestion but I would like to complete 1 challenge for this year.  Daily challenges are too much for me right now but weekly is quite do-able.

The #52weeksofflorals challenge by @bekkiflaherty on instagram

Well, fingers crossed I could at least complete 1 month of this challenge!



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