Happy New Year 2024!


Magpie Illustration by Rabbit Town Art
New Year Australian Magpie

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Welcome to 2024!  My partner says that it's just another year, another day, whereas I think that if you've survived another year/day relatively unscathed then it's a win!  2023 was a tough year I think for a lot of people financially, personally and otherwise.  I mentioned in my previous post that last year wasn't financially good for me but it was full of opportunity and new things in other ways.

Anyway, who else here likes to make goals and resolutions for the New Year?  I just checked my first post in Jan 2023 and doesn't look like I made any resolutions....well I didn't write them down any way and I guess I forgot all about it shortly.  

Australian Magpie by Rabbit Town Art
Magpie work in progress

This year, I am going to attempt to make my goals and resolutions manageable.  I always go for broke and then I end up feeling a bit bad that I didn't achieve my goals.  So instead of doing several big goals which will undoubtedly change due to work or personal circumstances I am going to commit to only a couple of them.

1) Post everyday on the blog my instagram and facebook. Now, with schedulers, there really shouldn't be an excuse to miss a post.  It will all come down to what should I post and go from there.  I remember posting every day on my blog for a couple of years and doing that has always helped keep my page at the top for when my name is searched.  For my social media accounts, am not sure if any good will come of it but consistency is one of the points that always gets insisted on so I will endeavour to do it.

2) Continue exercising.  My workout schedule was erratic this year but I would like to keep up with it as much as I can and not beat myself up over it if I have to miss out a week or so here and there to get work done. 

3) Keep my daily tasks small and not overwhelm myself.  As long as I get the real big tasks done then everything else can be pushed back.

Australian Magpie by Rabbit Town Art
Australian Magpie work in progress

And that is it.  Hopefully it keeps things do-able and that I can maintain just these 3 things to keep 2024 as smooth as it can be for me.  

Anyone here have any goals and resolutions they would like to talk about?  I would love to hear it.

My to-do list today involved me finishing this New Year drawing, emailing clients and people I've worked with to greet them Happy New Year, posting on insta and facebook and now finishing off this blog!  Not a bad start to the year so far...though I did miss out one thing on my to-do list which was checking out a program to help me with social media.  Maybe later....we'll see!  

Hope you all have a brilliant rest of the first day of 2024!


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